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Q and A with Hany Rambod

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  • Q and A with Hany Rambod

    The Pro Creator By Hany Rambod

    I have been using your FST-7 for a month or so and I can say I'm starting to see some good results, especially in my arms, which have always been a slow growth area for me. My question is about my waistline. What is it that helps really bring the waistline in nice and tight? I know that many of the pros stay lean year-round, but their stomachs are still sticking out. I have heard that it's the growth hormone and all that, but I don't buy it. Whenever I lift heavy for a long period, my stomach relaxes and looks bigger. What exercises or practices should I employ to get my waistline back to where it was before I started trying to pack on some size? I used to have a 30-inch waist and I'm at 36.5 inches at the moment. Any help would be deeply appreciated.

    The expanded waistlines you often see in bodybuilders are due to a combination of factors. The two biggest culprits are not strengthening the core, and overeating. The stomach wall is comprised of smooth muscle, and it will stretch out over time if it's continually filled with extreme volumes of food. The supplements you mentioned can also contribute to distension of the abdominal wall. I do recommend working your core with exercises including but not limited to crunches, reverse crunches, and hanging leg raises and the Roman chair to focus more on the lower section of the abs. It's also critical that you keep your food portions in check. Bodybuilders tend to eat larger meals less frequently in the off-season, often to the point of feeling stuffed. You should never feel so full that breathing is a struggle. Try to eat more moderate-sized meals a bit more frequently, as you do during a contest diet, just with slightly larger portions. Another thing I recommend for my clients is to incorporate probiotics and digestive enzymes. The probiotics are comprised of multiple strains of natural bacteria that can help balance out the natural flora inside your intestines. This in turn will help accelerate the digestion rate of proteins. Remember, the bacteria has to be kept refrigerated, so be sure to pick it up in the refrigerated section of a store like Whole Foods. It needs to be kept refrigerated to be alive and stable. This means that leaving it in your car on a hot day would render it worthless. The product I use and recommend to my clients is All Flora by New Chapter. It contains nine different strains of probiotics. Two capsules deliver an estimated six billion live cells. You should also supplement with digestive enzymes. The product I recommend is Digest-All by MRM. It's an herbal-based digestive enzyme that can help increase the effectiveness of the probiotics.

    What would be the ideal post-workout nutrition, as far as a whole meal or shake for someone in the off-season?
    I have always been a huge advocate of whole foods, and not a big fan of whey protein shakes. What I suggest immediately after your workout are BCAAs, L-Glutamine, and creatine. Thirty minutes later, have a whole food meal. If you're trying to get lean or stay lean, make the protein source very low-fat, such as grilled chicken breast or tilapia and a complex carb like a sweet potato or brown rice. If it's the off-season, or you just would rather focus on mass gaining in general, have red meat for your protein source in that meal instead.

    I would only suggest having a whey protein shake after training if you absolutely can't get to a solid meal for at least an hour. Even in the off-season, I like to see my clients eating almost entirely whole foods. If they have a protein shake, I'd rather see them do it to satisfy a sweet tooth. A protein smoothie with protein powder and a banana is a better choice than a bowl of Ben and Jerry's!