Hey all, I'd like to phase in more and more HS Benches (Flat/Incline/Decline) to my chest routine.
I've read so many good things on them, and how well they help football players, they really are good machines. Unfortunately, I have almost never seen any guidelines on how to position yourself for good form.

Everybody at the gym does it differently, some people I see have their feet in the air, others have their feet on the floor.

So I'd like to ask:
When you do HS Flat Bench, how should you position and align yourself for good form?

1) How high should you sit, should your feet be on the floor or in the air, for Flat/Inc/Dec?

2) Should you grip close/wide and where should the handle line up with?

Many have said, just line the handle up with the chest....

...well if doing HS Bench...should the handle line up with middle of chest
...and if HS Incline Bench....top of chest...
...and if HS Decline Bench...bottom of chest...?

3) As well...just what part of the handle? The HS at my gym, the handles are slanted up and down, not flat, so should it be the top of the handle (which is higher) or bottom, or wherever you grip the handle that lines up to the corresponding part of chest

EX. If doing HS Incline...have the part of the handle where you grip line up with the top of your chest?

4) Likewise, where exactly SHOULD you grip the handles?
You can go really narrow/close (which is up high), or medium, or wide (which is low)...generally when doing bench you want a grip that has it so when you start to press your arms are perpendicular to your body (90 degrees)?

Sorry to make it complicated.....