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How Often Per Week Do You Normally Workout?

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    Weights - every other day, cardio - 5-6 X week. Day or even 2 off whenever I feel like it. When I was younger and trying to gain strength, myself and partners would train 7 weeks on, 1 off religiously. Worked well.


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      5 days a week, one body area each day, with the weekend for resting or make up days.


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        Training 5 Days a week a body part a Day is ok and you can really blast each muscle group and of course the "overlap" makes it work. You can never really isolate any mucle(s) group. However i think full body and upper, lower are great too. I mean if you are training hard upper body with rowing SS with Dips what muscle in your upper body is not trained? When you do say a 5 Day split.. how many exercises do you really need for arms? The pumpin up cable stuff is just fucking fluff.


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          I personally enjoy 5-6 days in the gym or one body part per session. I have noticed I can focus more intensely on the one muscle being trained and I can keep the sessions to a little over an hour. I think it comes down to personal preference and experimenting with what works for you.


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            5 days. Split body parts. Fasted AM cardio 3x/week.