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One Cardio Machine at Home

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  • One Cardio Machine at Home

    I'm looking into buying one machine to do cardio at home, for about a half hour in the morning. Just for fat loss and general health.

    What do you guys recommend? Eliptical, treadmill, etc...?


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    If you have the space for it a stepmill. Best no cheat cardio imo.
    Do it now because sometimes later becomes never.


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      I would love to get one, but the space is not available for it sadly.

      Next best thing?


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        then I would say elliptical, as you can always go run/walk/sprint outside rather than get a thread mill.
        Do it now because sometimes later becomes never.


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          Thanks a lot!

          How long of a session do you recommend? I know nothing about cardio. I'm 5'10" 205lbs. I would be doing it first thing in the morning before work at 5:00am. I don't compete and I am not overweight. Just looking to do it for health and minor fat burning.


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            This might sound weird, but try to jump rope, and go outside for a jog/run.

            Boxers do it all the time and they have the stamina of a race horse and are healthy.

            here is a website to determine how many cals you will burn (depends on activity and duration of activity) :

            i put your weight in at 205 and put duration at 30 mins
            jump rope (341 cals)
            jogging 5.5 mph (505cals)
            jogging 7 mph (628 cals)

            that first option will cost you less than $20

            the thing you should really buy is a prowler, they are awesome, im going to buy one in couple months.

            here is a couple prowlers from, they have an econo prowler thats cheaper and an elite prowler. scroll down and you will see a couple videos about the prowler.


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              Exercise bikes usually have a small footprint. Thats all I had room for.