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DB Shrugs: Gloves/Straps or Barehand

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    Originally posted by Hate4TheWeak View Post
    Keep in mind alot of gyms don't have and won't let you use I know.
    Most commercial gym don't and it sucks. Chalk usually solves the grip problem.


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      I agree man. And almost no gyms in the US unless they are seriously mom and pop type underground or powerlifting places will let you use chalk.

      I personally use straps for most back movements because I feel it takes my bis out of the movement quite a bit. I'm able to use my arms more as hooks to pull the weight for my back versus pulling the weight with them if that makes any sence...

      Rowing movements are the exception here.

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        Like I said, if you grip in your fingers, not palms, it's fine.
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          no gloves ever.

          i occasionally use straps
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            Thumb lock grip. Can't use chalk at my gym, but dry paper towels work ok. My traps grow fairly easy though so I usually just grab a set of 120's and do 4-5 sets of 10-12 reps at the end of shoulders or back day.
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              i use straps sometimes but mostly barehand
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                Straps are the quickest path to forearm weakness. Only use them when you absolutely have to. Gloves... Do I even have to go there????


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                  Anyone who does shrugs to develope traps and dont use straps are just wrong. Your traps are stronger than your grip, your grip will fail before your traps do therefor your traps will not get optimal stimulation and will not grow optimally. Use straps, put the ego away, and take your traps to failure not your grip. If your powerlifting that is something else entirely. If you want to work forearms, do wrist curls, revearse wrist curls, hammer curls, revearse bicep curls....