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Q and A with Dennis Wolf

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  • Q and A with Dennis Wolf

    I am a 37-year-old female bodybuilder who wants to compete. I have calf implants. I got tired of training my calves for years and not having them respond with the rest of my body. Will I be disqualified? Every fitness buff knows calves are all genetics. Why should I have to be unhappy with my body when I have worked so hard just because of genetics and not be able to compete? This is the one thing I really want to accomplish in life and Iím really disappointed that it may not happen over CALF implants. Itís funny that I can have breast implants and itís OK! What do you think? Have you ever considered calf implants and do you think they should be allowed?

    I think you have every right to get calf implants. A lot of women these days have breast implants and itís no big deal; you are right about that. If something so simple can make you feel better about your body and make you happy, thatís great. But as far as competing in bodybuilding, I am not sure the judges would think the same thing. Breasts are different because they are not a muscle you have to build like the calves. If you notice, even the top female bodybuilders who clearly have breast implants also have chest development above them, with striations and so on that lets you know they worked hard on that area. You will have to talk to a judge about this situation and see what he or she says. Personally, I have never once considered calf implants. I just donít believe this is what a true bodybuilder does. Calves have been the toughest challenge for me from day one and they still are years later, but I never give up and keep hammering at them. Will I ever have calves like Jay Cutler or Branch Warren or this new ďHouseĒ [Erik Fankhouser] guy at MD? No, there is just no way. I donít have the genetics for it. But my calves will get a little bit better every time I compete because I will accept nothing less. Thatís just my way of looking at it.


    Pit Stop: Lessons from Peter Trenz

    Peter ďPitĒ Trenz is one of the top nutritionists for bodybuilders in Europe. He prepared me for my IFBB World win in 2005 and the whole 2006 pro season when I was a rookie. The three most important things he taught me were:

    1. Eat more protein than carbs to gain.

    Always make sure your protein servings are greater than your carbs in all meals. Protein builds muscle, so get plenty of it.

    2. Break up your meals.

    Your body can only utilize so many nutrients at one time. You are better off eating five or six smaller meals rather than three of four big meals.

    3. Eat for fuel, not for taste.

    To be the best bodybuilder you can be, you need to eat the foods that give you the best nutrition with the least amount of things you donít need, like sugar or oil. Think of food as fuel for a physique, not something for pleasure.

    I want to gain mass but I love being lean. I gain fat when I eat lots of carbs, so I am considering the Palumbo-style diet, which is high protein and essential fatty acids, very low carbs. Can you make gains while staying lean on a diet like this, or do you need carbs at every meal to put on muscle mass?

    I have never tried this style of dieting, but I hear from other people that it works very well. I know that I canít make good gains without eating at least 300-500 grams of carbs a day, but this is how my metabolism is (high!). Gaining mass while staying lean is very difficult for most people and they usually make very slow progress. If I were you, I would experiment by keeping track of your carbs and increasing them just a little bit, like maybe 20 grams a day, every week. When you get to a point where you see that you are putting on body fat, cut back to the previous amount. This is how you will know you have found just the right amount of carbs you can eat and still stay lean while gaining muscle mass. We are all different, so it is important for you to do this or you will never know just what works best for your body. And as far as eating carbs at every meal, I donít feel this is necessary. You definitely want some at breakfast and again at your preworkout meal (unless breakfast is the meal you have before training), and you want carbs again in the meal after your training. You should also be having some very fast-digesting carbs like Vitargo or waxy maize in your post-workout shake. Aside from those times, you probably shouldnít be eating any carbs if you are very sensitive to them like you say you are.

    Fly On The Wall: My Last Back Workout

    Barbell Rows 2 Warm-Up Sets

    265 x 10, 310 x 10, 350 x 10, 350 x 8

    T-Bar Rows 225 x 10, 270 x 10, 315 x 10, 360 x 8

    One-Arm Dumbbell Rows 130 x 10, 130 x 10, 140 x 10, 140 x 10

    Lat Pulldowns (to front) 220 x 10, 240 x 10, 250 x 10, 280 x 8

    USA vs. Germany! Wolf Rates ĎEm Both For Bodybuilding

    Gyms: Advantage: USA

    The equipment is better and there are heavier weights. Most of the hardcore places are owned by ex-bodybuilders or weightlifters and give me a hearty welcome.

    Reactions: Advantage: USA

    People in America are always curious and ask how much weight I can lift, or if I am a wrestler or a football player. In Germany, they look at us like an alien or a ghost, and keep their distance.

    Food: Advantage: USA

    Americans eat out at restaurants all the time, so there is a huge assortment of places with any kind of food you could possibly want. Germans usually only eat out on weekends, so there arenít as many choices.

    Final score: USA 3, Germany zero!