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What kind of training do you do?

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    i do one week targeted toward strength and one week targeted toward hypertrophy week to week. i'm going hulk mode!


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      Originally posted by Mini Forklift Ⓥ View Post


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        I do a different kind of 5-3-1. I know it is not encouraged, but I have some shoulder issues, so I cannot do any shoulder presses.

        I do deadlift as core, after that I do leg curls and rows, and biceps.
        I do bench as core, and do chest, triceps and back as assistance.
        I do squat as core, and do leg extensions and leg curl (and leg press if my knee lets me)

        I go for high volume one week, and intensity the other (yates style)
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          Old school high intensity for me, can't bring myself to train any other way than all out.
          My fucked up joints limit me a bit though so it's more machines than free weights and reps in the 10-15 range these days
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            CrossFit - all the way baby!


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              Usually push is my favorite.


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                Powerlifting i think is important build first power on your lower and upper body tran. Then you can get muscles easily, obvious it depends of you ADN and body.
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