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Jason Genova & Jesse Ventura blast chest & biceps on Xmas eve!

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    Originally posted by Sexybeast777 View Post
    ^maybe one day, most people fear a pose down with me, I'm very lean, and I can pose very well and know my mandatories
    One day hopefully you will honor us with some photos?
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      What a truly bizarre physique


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        What the f**k at the whole video, is Jason really sponsored? Please tell me its by Krispy Kreme or something and why was the lumpy fellow in the yellow vest gassing Jason hard? So many questions


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          i wont say from those that know jason, but the fucker is taking juice and still looks like shit. and he disrespected saul? come on! thats crossing the line. you know what? fuck it im gonna be in the next video and db bench press 130 for 6, lets see him doing that. i think not =)

          i respected jason until 1.) still keeps being stubborn, 2.) has his head still stuck up his ass, 3.) i'll still watch his videos for entertainment and to remind myself to not do the shit he is doing.
          That's what she said -Michael Scott-


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            Originally posted by muscleten View Post

            i respected jason
            You must be really smart.
            Cardio is not good for naturals - Noel Fuller, trainer of champions


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              Comedy Central this is good stuff