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    Maybe you guys can help me figure something out. I was working out with a smaller dude about acouple of months ago. He was about 150Lb. I am 330 Lb. Here's my delimma, He said the only reason i'm stronger on lifts than him was because I weigh more! How does that make sense? When I bench I keep my back flat and my ass on the pad and only use chest,shoulders,tri's and upper back to press the weight. HOW IS BODY WEIGHT RELEVANT?

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    Well Adam you have more muscle then him. I hope at least, since you outweigh him by 180lbs.


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      Originally posted by Zachizzle
      Well Adam you have more muscle then him. I hope at least, since you outweigh him by 180lbs.
      Well I might have just a little bit,lol,but he was trying to tell me it's because I weigh more. And I hate that shit!


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        Just like I hate it when people tell me I lift more cause I'm shorter.


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          A bigger muscle is a stronger muscle; though he may beat you in relative strength... you take him in limit strength.
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            If you're 330 you probably have a good deal of bodyfat so I'd recommend dieting a bit.

            But more muscle can lift heavier weights.

            I weigh 270 and bench 380+ on the smith machine, barbell incline 275 for reps, and flat somewhere in the midlow 300's.

            Smaller people are often jealous so they will write us off, but remember, you got to compare yourself with yourself, and pack on muscle, lose fat, get better shape and vascularity, etc.


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              Lets be real. It is not overly impressive for a 300 lb man to bench press 300 lbs. When a man that weighs 150 lbs does that same 300 lbs, now that is going to impress me.


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                I look at being heavy like this....

                if your 330, every time you get out of a chair or off the couch you are lifting and moving a lot of weight. So moving that weight should become easy to you ( unless you who're ably outta shape) and over time just like in the gym you will be one stronger.

                I trained a client who weighed 220, she was not lean by any means but not a fat lump either. She had never worked out in her life and the first time I got her to squat correctly se squated her body weight to depth no problem... Now imo you take that same person that has never worked out before and is much smaller say 150 I doubt very much that the smaller women would be able to do the same. With in 3 months I had her squating well over 300 at a slightly lower body weight, dropping body weight was not her goal but that's the way it ended up.

                my point is for the most part imo being fat your whole life dose make you stronger to a degree.

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