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Training Theories :.

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    I love how many over complicate things, I love it, but in reality, if you get stronger you get bigger, it's as simple as that


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      Originally posted by Fella Finn
      Gotta agree with you on that one. Everything has become so incredibly scientific these days that it's no wonder why there are so many confused people.
      It reminds me of that Westside barbell method for powerlifters, I'm not saying that method doesn't work, for powerlifters, but omg why does it gotta be so fancy and over complicated? Lol! Some say they need the ''variety'', constantly change things, otherwise they get ''bored'' and lose ''motivation''


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        Where can I find reliable information on how to do bodybuilding and not harm your health? Perhaps there are some medical / sports portals for this?
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          Bodybuilders undergo rigorous weightlifting and strength training, which alters their physique and makes them stronger and leaner.
          Long-term as well as immediate health advantages might come from increasing muscle mass.
          For instance, according to LiveStrong, sarcopenia, the natural and expected reduction in muscle, is responsible for the loss of muscular mass and strength that comes with aging.
          Increasing your muscle mass earlier in life can help to delay the natural aging process of your muscles, keeping you stronger for longer.
          Though it does have some potential drawbacks, in t he long run, it can help you live freely and retain a higher quality of life in your senior years.