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Some have IT some don't

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  • Some have IT some don't

    Anyone else notice some body parts are just more responsive to training for no apparent reason? Platz never did anything that everyone else at Gold's was doing yet his legs looked like tree trunks. Oliva's arms were bigger than his head but never curled more than 200lbs or so. Chris Dickerson's brother's calves were bigger than his but he never even touched weights.

    Its interesting to me that despite all the "____ does preacher curls for his biceps" or "so & so squats very deep for his legs" bs its genes not drugs, or supplements or training ideologies that account for outstanding development. All pro bb'ers are are men w/ a large collection of very responsive bodyparts...thats all. Although the magazine, supplement & equipment marketers would have you think different.

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    Arnold was the same way. He was genetically gifted to have those large broad flat pecs. He probably had the best pecs ever. However his thighs were just the opposite. Way to thin compared to his upper body. In that movie "Pumping iron", he had a difficult time squatting with 315 for 6 reps. It didn't seem like he was interested in training his thighs.
    Tom Platz trained his legs far heavier than his upper body workout. he was supposed to have done 700 lbs. in the squat for 10 reps. And his thighs showed it.
    1700 years ago, supermen walked on earth. They called themselves Goths.


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      Wrong. Platz trained his upper body sooo heavy he tore his right bicep tendon completely off the bone.