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Tony Pearson

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  • Tony Pearson

    has a great youtube channel. I agree with him high rep squats.

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    great shape ..


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      What is with the homosexual attire? I am a friend of the homosexual community, so there is no malice implied here. Just that this looks like a skit the Wayans brothers
      could have done in the 90's.


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        Tony comes over as a cool guy..i understand this video as more of a straight leg deadlift. Romanian is a bit more knees bent and butt out and not so deep with the bar.


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            nice tip bringing the bell to the opposite foot i go straight down myself but still get a stretch. What he is saying sort of reminds me of an exercise i saw in a Bill Pearl book. He called it "Bend to opposite foot".. but is more Oblique and lower back exercise, Tony of course is doing lats...good video.


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              Tony comes across pretty flamin...had no idea. Great physique though. Bodybuilding done right


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                That posing routine would've taken so much practice, 5 minutes is a hell of a long time to be posing.

                And with great stomach control.


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                  Possibly one of the best tapers in the sports History.

                  I do like Tonys channell, I first discovered it while watching Ric Drasins show, he has several vids with tony.

                  Here is one of them.

                  Diversity is a code word for White Genocide


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                    thanks you for sharing it ....enjoying his channel now ! looks amzing even at this age !


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                      A true legend of the sport