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cancer & exercise

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  • cancer & exercise

    This is great...

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    I just had a colonoscopy last week cause i have colitis ulcerosa and the Doctor said afterwards it Looks top. I still have a Little bit in my end area of my colon but itīs good. I am convinced this is due to my exercise regime. I remember reading running/Walking massages your colon and i am sure it helps.


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      One of our relative has got stomach cancer at the 64. He always used to high rich fiber food and daily almonds and other dry fruits. Still he got cancer at 64. From this i came to learn that Cancer has no relation daily diet.

      He never knew that he is facing with cancer. Doctors strictly requested us not share that our uncle is facing with so and so problem. So, we never shared with him. We used to say that he facing with some stomach infection. And it takes min 5-7 months to treat without operation.

      You know what, my uncle survived 8 More years with cancer. And he died at 73 with heart attack.
      From this i came learn that, if anyone attacked with cancer he/she dies with depression. But not with cancer.


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        I too had tool problem. I get severe pain when i go for tools.
        After i visited my doctor he made colonoscopy and given me some anti-biotics.
        But when i started running daily it got decreased automatically.