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  • Originally posted by bigriggs View Post
    ATILIS GYM BABY!!!!!!!!!!.. Pacific Ave, Wildwood NJ, 08260...I'm happy to be co-owner of a fine facility and what I believe is one of the last hardcore gym's left in South Jersey.........Train Hard or Go Home.
    This place is the best. I'll be in there this summer


    • Bull Pen Gym
      Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

      Great gym. Dumbells up to 200. Tons of plates. More equipment than any chain gym twice the square footage. You can go crazy and no one stares like a moron. Been there for 5 years now.


      • Originally posted by JV@GaspariNutrition View Post
        The best gym I've ever trained at in Jersey is the old Dynamic Fitness in Edison, NJ - now closed! Thats where I first watched Rich Gaspari train, I was in high school at the time. The music was loud and obnoxious, the machines were "homemade" - the owner was a welder and made knockoffs of anything and everything we needed.

        Diamond Gym in Maplewood has got to be among the most hardcore in the nation.

        I'm growing a liking to Apollon Gym in Edison, its dark and basic, they still have the old school medal weights and a hardcore attitude.

        Im with you on the Apollon Gym in Edison, NJ. Place is no bullshit, and got some big meatheads that are there to throw some weight....had a seminar with **** ******* a while back.....Also had Alex Federov train there before one of his shows in NY a while back also...


        • Ebert's Heath & Fitness
          117 New Frederick St
          Wilkes-Barre, PA

          It's called "Health & Fitness", but it's pure hardcore. The gym was built for the owners sons in the late 70's who went on to become national level competitors. The trophy case is huge, and filled with awards. Tons of iron, and a good mix of new and old machines. The fixed ez-bars go up to 200, and the dumbells are 150 or so. Nothing fancy here, but it's a great place to train with a lot of history.

          Freeland YMCA
          600 Front Street
          Freeland, PA

          This place is nothing short of a full on dungeon. Racks, benches, tons of plates and dumbells, and some old ass machines that still work great (sometimes). Your hands will be dirty as hell when you leave haha, and you can get a great workout going. I've hit several milestone PRs here, and plan on doing more. I'm not even sure if anybody bothers with the weight room because I've never paid to use it. You walk in and they know what you're there for, and just point down the stairs into the dungeon. You won't even find anybody who knows what the hell a lunk alarm is in that place.

          I'm going to try and go out some day and get pictures of the places I've mentioned. I was really impressed and excited when I saw the other gyms I listed printed in MD. I haven't seen the gym owners yet, but I'm sure they'll be thrilled. Anybody like the idea of a "hardcore gym of the month" one or two page layout. You guys could fit it in with 500 pages going! We should really showcase these places, and inspire more people to train in them.
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          • Hardcore Gym registry

            Newbody Healt and Fitness
            107 N Henry St.
            Bay City Mi, 48706

            Clean and Heavy. . More plates than I've seen at any other gym. this place is the only place I've ever seen have 100Lbs plates.. The man that runs it was World Middle Wieght Champion of the World back in the day so they have a full Boxing section and teh also train for MMA here too....Check it out
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            • Finally got out . Guess what a Trainer at Planet full of Sh$$ recomended a gym to me here it is
              Body Dynamics
              Huntingdon Vally PA 19006
              I went in to this place and as soon as I stepped in I knew I was home. These guys that own it seem real cool and they knew all about planet SHIT. The day I walked in I talked to the owner for about 5 min and he said to me go try the gym and work out didn't even tell him that I was going to join but of course I did. Let me tell ya there were some women in there who I would like to get to wring the little pencil neck geeks at PF. Thanx to everyone who did try and help out here in PA.
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              • Mehany's Gym
                Denver, CO USA
                (303) 671-9586

                Home of Phil Heath and a ton of die hard big bitches that welcome blood sweat chalk and grunting. Mostly free weights and hammer here and 1 of the few remaining real t-bar apparatus


                • Originally posted by The Student View Post
                  Futenma McCutcheon Gym

                  Hours of Operation
                  Monday-Friday, 0500-2000
                  Saturday, Sunday & Holidays, Closed

                  McCutcheon Gym offers the latest in physical fitness. The facility is housed with state of the art fitness equipment available for use. Body Masters upper-body and lower-body selectorized machines; Life Fitness cardio equipment (treadmills, lifecycles, stair steppers, and cross trainers).

                  They forgot to mention that this gym used to be the base basketball court, so there is no A/C (Okinawa summer temps 89-100 with 100% humidity) or Heat (winter temps 50-70)

                  This place is great, espically in the dead of summer at about 2 in the afternoon, i leave that place soaking wet, but the only problem here is the only music they play is that stupid AFN radiot station. Does anyone know any good gyms around Cherry Point NC?


                  • Colloseum Gym!

                    Well I'm reppin' my(member) Gym.
                    Colloseum Gym
                    Irvington Ave.
                    Newark, NJ

                    I've trained at Diamond before but prefer Colloseum any day!


                    • Veltri Fitness
                      89 Jefferson Avenue (Basement of goodwill so you know its hardcore)
                      Washington, PA 15301

                      Lot of aspiring bodybuilders and a great atmosphere
                      NGA Pro Bodybuilder


                      • Gold's Gym New Haven, CT

                        Originally posted by Evan Centopani View Post
                        Montanari Brothers' Golds Gym
                        31 Bernhard Rd.
                        New Haven, CT

                        Hey John-
                        Just saw this thread and thought I'd throw my gym up there. By no means am I an expert but I've been to a few gyms and I still think this place beats the shit out of all of em. A lot of the equipment is from the late 80s, early 90s and there's 5 of everything. It's an old trucking garage. The place is huge and filled with good shit that I actually have a use for. The owners are the best. They're all about bodybuilding and powerlifting and if you're into either one they'll let you do whatever the hell you want in their gym. On top of that they've always let me trained at no cost and done anything they could to help me out. Not everyone in the place is a pro bodybuilder but everyone IS there to train. And there's none of the bullshit that goes on in other places. The people who train there aren't jealous, they don't talk shit, and they're not corny. Everyone supports one another and that's what a real gym should be like in my opinion. Montanari Brothers' Golds Gym New Haven, CT.
                        I couldn't have said it better myself, Evan!!! I've been going there for 16 years. The Montanari Brother's are awesome! And the equipment?? They don't make them like they used to. Those old machines are the best!!! Gold's New Haven is HARDCORE.


                        • Originally posted by vetteboy2002 View Post
                          I couldn't have said it better myself, Evan!!! I've been going there for 16 years. The Montanari Brother's are awesome! And the equipment?? They don't make them like they used to. Those old machines are the best!!! Gold's New Haven is HARDCORE.
                          VERY interesting in light of John Romano's column in MD this month about Golds new corporate owners, who are trying to move the chain towards soccer moms and senior citizens and AWAY from the more hardcore lifter.

                          I hope the owners of that gym have the balls to stick to their guns.

                          Both you guys and the other members may want to make it known to the owners there that you want the gym to stay HARDCORE.


                          • Dartmouth Fitness Center
                            North Dartmouth Mass

                            Sick gym, all guys, 150lb dumbells, 100lb plates, all business


                            • FLEX Gym
                              4020 Bonney Rd # 112
                              Virginia Beach, VA 23452
                              (757) 631-2445

                              170 lb Dumbbells, chalk and yelling...

                              Best gym in Hampton Roads. Powerlifters, bodybuilders and ever regular folks. Contrary to the beliefs of the Corporate Stooges at Gold's, Bally's and Planet Fatness, regular folks aren't scared of big guys. You see, when someone comes to the gym to actually train, they develop the uncanny ability to APPRECIATE what we're trying to accomplish.
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                              • MAUCERI PRIVATE FITNESS
                                5380 BRAINARD ROAD
                                SOLON OHIO 44139

                                QUIET,PRIVATE,NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC
                                TRAIN AS YOU WANT TO
                                NO RULES EXCEPT DO NOT BREAK ANYTHING
                                AWESOME FOR PRE CONTEST AND POSING PRACTICE