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smith machine squat

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  • smith machine squat

    my cholesterol medicine my me so dizzy I had to switch to snith machine squats. Are they as good as regular squats?

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    No - I don't think that they are as good, but it is better to do it on the smith than not at all.

    I am on cholesterol meds, and I have never been dizzy. You need to call your doc.



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      Smith machine squats can be used to really isolate the thighs and get the feeling you're looking for in there. You'll see more and more guys as they ascend the competitive ladder often switch to Smith Machine Squats.

      Couple reasons...1. risk of injury with free weight squats might be higher (like Chris Cormier turning head at 19 to check out the babes). When you're making money from your physique you need to keep it in check. 2. greater isolation of thighs available with Smith machine.

      That said, most guys can go somewhat heavier on Smith machine than on free weight squats. Don't fall into trap of doing too much. Concentrate on thighs. I'm a guy who has never gone beyond 4 plates per side on free weight squats but used to throw 5-6 per side on the Smith machine.

      Free weight squats are just a great overall movement. Can you do them in a power cage or rack?


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        I personally like smith machine squats more... I was doing regular squats until just a couple of months ago, but switched up.

        I think personally, I get a much better "feel" when I use the smith machine.

        I get to use much better form, and I think I end up hitting the quad MORE because I can modify my stance a bit more since I'm not stabilizing front to back on the smith.

        Everyone will have a different idea about it though, as every body is different which makes everyones body mechanics a little different.


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          I wish I could melt that Smith Machine down to create some more dumbbells and new barbells at our gym... but it would piss off a lot of the little guys...

          In all seriousness, I hate the Smith Machine. Some say they use it for "safety reasons" but I find the restrictive range of motion puts the body at more risk for injury than free wieght. I had the lovely clicking knee thing for a few years... at one point it made a loud pop while training (and using Smith) and it was very aggrevating for about two months - once I stopped relying on the Smith Machine (and pushing out the meniscus by using a close, forward foot position) my knee problems began to clear up.
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