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marco's lockdown routine

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  • marco's lockdown routine

    for anyone that care's . this is what I been doing for my training every 2 day's .
    this takes me two hours to complete

    4 sets of squats

    ( 2 sets ) then I go up and down the stairs with 30 pound dumbells . I go up flat footed 2 steps at a time . I go up and down 4 times that is one set .


    2 sets of flat rows . I lay down belly down on the bench and row the barbell until it hits the bottom of the bench / for 20 reps , I stop and do it again reverse grip

    1 set of bent over barbell rows , 15 reps overhand grip , I cut the weight in half and do 15 more reverse grip

    1 set of dumbbell bent over rows

    2 sets of dumbbell rows the standard way , one knee and hand on the bench

    then to finish off back , once again belly down on the bench , this time using dumbells . I bring them up for a squeeze and return the dumbells to the floor . 20 reps


    2 sets of dumbbell presses , one arm at a time with my hand over my pec so I can feel the contraction

    one set of incline dumbbell presses , hands facing each other

    one set incline dumbbell presses , standard way

    one set flat dumbbell presses
    one set decline dumbells presses


    2 sets of one arm tricep dumbbell ext

    2 set dumbell curls

    1 set of hammer curls


    one set bent over rear laterals

    2 sets side dumbbell laterals

    one set dumbbell upright rows

    3 sets seated or standing dumbbell presses

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    pre workout

    evogens evp extreme and AQ , redcons moab,

    during workout , evogens glutamine , amino kem

    post workout , matt porters cre ribo vol , evogens glutamine , animal pak one scoop


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      a sample of my nutrition, my goal is to get as much variety in as possible .

      1) 3 whole eggs , cheese , oatmeal mixed with berries , dark chocolate callets thanks Wesley ! project a.d. multi vitamin

      2) pre workout , one scoop jay cutlers chocolate protein , mix of nuts , pine nuts, cashews , walnuts, brazil nuts ,almonds ,macadamias , one single serving prune

      3) post workout meal , one chicken boob , rice , just a lil bit of the following organic kidney beans , peas, string beans , broccoli

      4) chicken boob , lil bit of the following , cant say exactly how much , I don't want you guys knowing all my secrets . carrot,celery, spinach,cucumber, tomato

      5) one scoop jay cutlers chocolate protein