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Post your "secret" exercises

This is a sticky topic.
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  • flat pronated flyes.
    Just act like your doing flat dumbbell flyes but keep your hands facing forward like a dumbbell press instead of facing each other as in normal flyes. Makes The fibers come out in your chest. Saw markus ruhl do them in big and loving it. Makes it look like your chest has 3 parts to it when you hit certain poses.


    • if i post it........ then it would be secret would it.....



      • For me the exercise I dont see anyone else in my gym do is Wide grip upright rows,

        I attribute much of my delt width to these.


        • Here’s a Tri movement that I learned form a Justin Harris Clip that you should give a try. Great Pump!


          • One thing that really brought up my pecs, is melvin anthony's trick with a twist to it. he always had a lagging chest so he did incline db press supersetted into flat bench db press( my twist) hit out as many push ups as you can squeezing your chest at the top). This really gets the blood into your pecs and in months your chest will be inflated. Another trick i use is to squeeze my shoulder blades together during the whol exercise so when i hold the dbs for a count at the top i can really feel my pecs squeezing.


            • finger curls

              This is an exercise I invented and have never seen anyone else do. I call it the finger curl. You hold a dumbbell vertically so your hands are on either side at 3 and 9. Your four fingers should be lie flat on the underside of the top part of the weight and thumbs should be pointed out straight. Proceed to lift your fingers and push the weight up. This gives me the most unusual forearm workout ever and has clearly added mass to my pronator teres so it looks like I have a snake running across my forearm. Anyone else heard/seen/done these?


              • get big or die trying

                21s leg press and floor cg press and top smith shoulder press


                • Hard to describe. Cable Crossover Machine, but instead of using it for cable chest crossovers, you face the machine, grab the handles, bend your knees and do sort of like vertical lat pulldowns, focusing on contracting the back more than the ROM of your arms.

                  Great pre-exhaust exercise.


                  • Originally posted by chris mason View Post
                    A behind the back version of the shrug performed on the Smith machine. Your butt gets in the way with barbell behind the back shrugs but when you use the Smith machine you can actually lean forward (like a ski jumper --- your head is forward with your feet behind) effectively moving your ass out of the way. You bend your arms during this movement and it becomes kind of a shrug/row. It KILLS your traps and is an AWESOME exercise. Give it a try!

                    Yup - that's the one I just learned - do it toward the end of the workout & feel it!


                    • Lately it's been old school hack squats.


                      • wrist roller for forearms
                        I can do all things through Him who strengthens me - Philippians 4:13


                        • Back- 1 arm t-bar rows. It's a lot like dumbell rows but works when the dumbells in the gym don't go up high enough. Use 25 or 35 pound plates for a good ROM.

                          [ame=""]YouTube - 1 arm t bar row[/ame]

                          Trap Bar Rows- Just like a barbell rows, but the trap bar allows you a great ROM.

                          [ame=""]YouTube - Trap Bar Rows 225x12[/ame]

                          Hamstrings- Sumo RDL. Hits the hamstrings harder than a typical RDL with less stress on the low back.

                          [ame=""]YouTube - Sumo RDL w Fat Bar[/ame]

                          Quads- Bulgarian Split Squats with added ROM. Putting the front leg on a step makes it harder and leads to greater flexibility.

                          [ame=""]YouTube - Bulgarian split squat w/ added ROM[/ame]

                          I really like to try new exercises so I do a bunch of different variations.


                          • lying pull down for triceps
                            reverse front raises with barbell for shoulders


                            • I'll usually drink about 23 shots of Evan Williams on a friday night and then start to pick up random cars, break tree branches, and toss trash cans full of trash on my way to the bars. You would be surprised how sore you are in the morning not to mention the insane pump you get.
                              DEATH TO ALL BUT METAL


                              • Honestly - weighted pushups. They are seriously neglected, but are a great natural movements.