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Post your "secret" exercises

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  • one arm scott curls with a dumbbell on a preacher pad....


    • CAble dips, hopefully your gym has the pulleys close apart about 6 feet like mine . Sit on a bench in between the handles lean forward like a dip, push handles down like a dip. Kills your chest


      • Decline dumbell/barbell skull crushes

        One arm power cleans with dumbell


        • I don't have any.....Just basic exercises.......
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          • Originally posted by Vince Goodrum View Post
            I do Gymnastic Iron Crosses. Keeps my waist around 31 in the offseason and 28 at competition
            I dont know if it is the same but I do a shoulder exercise called iron crosses. a friend used to do kettelbell training, that is where he learned it. he passed that one on to me. how is your version guessing holding yourself up with your arms parallel to the floor like they do in the rings? sounds painful!!
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            • sitn at a pulldown and curling bhind tha head.


              • I see a lot of people do bar pulldowns but I like it better with a rope. I saw Phil Heath do it on his Olympia prep videos and thought it was the best thing to get that squeeze in the back.


                • real heavy one arm dumbell snatch, for reps.....helps me break though my strength plataue's..........except for the bench.......lets say im feeling week in the shoulders and back, well i will come into my gym and do nothing but superset deadlift's with the db snatch or the bb the video.....then when it gets to be too much for me to snatch, i clean and press it, when im too fucked to do that i start to clean it, and when i finaly fail at that........its upright rows from off the ground........then i stop, and do my deadlifts and repeat...until i cant do it anymore



                  • I do several exercises that few people do that get me odd looks in the gym... or maybe it's just my funny lookin face that gets weird glances. Anyway...

                    For triceps - JM Presses

                    For Lats - bentarm closegrip decline pullovers

                    - one arm rows holding a short barbell in the middle (extra demand on supporting muscles to keep bar balanced makes it a great exercise)

                    For chest & serratus - straightarm widegrip pullovers

                    For traps, core, legs - overhead squat

                    For legs - bulgarian (single leg) squats

                    For traps - overhead shrugs
                    - high pulls
                    - powercleans


                    • Originally posted by speedy View Post
                      Yup - that's the one I just learned - do it toward the end of the workout & feel it!
                      This is a great one. I actually lean forward slightly to compensate for the angle of the Smith Machine, and I go up on my tiptoes (without surging with the ankles). I find the stretch and pinch better.


                      • One I like to do is on the Hammer Strength Dip Machine. I sit backwards on the chair, with my back on the pad, rather than my chest. I grab the handles in the bench press position, buckle myself down tightly (as the knee pads are on the other side), and bend forward aggressively at the waist. I then press down, it hits the pec/delt connection with great intensity. It just basically mimics a weighted dip where you bend forward to hit the upper chest.


                        • I've been liking a couple diff exercises for chest and chest that have been really doing some damage. I learned these when I trained with Eric Broser using his Power, Rep Range, Shock principles...

                          For Chest, using the Smith Machine (I do it as an incline movement), set the pins at about 1.5 inch from your chest. Bring it down on the pins at a full stop, then press. It KILLS!

                          Same type of thing for Delts....use the Smith machine and do the same for shoulder presses.

                          Give them a whirl....good shizzzz.
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                          • Close-grip incline barbell presses. Really hits the tris from a different angle and squeezes the upper/inner chest nicely.


                            • Originally posted by Kontour View Post
                              Close-grip incline barbell presses. Really hits the tris from a different angle and squeezes the upper/inner chest nicely.
                              Cool idea I'll have to try that.