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Post your "secret" exercises

This is a sticky topic.
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    no its actually simple... hold the handles just like the guy in the picture but kneel down...then you just do a pulldown. Its is pulling down but its also pulling in a little


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      this exercise is single arm stiff arm pulldowns...however instead of facing the cable stack stand at a 45 degree angle to it and pull it down to the front of your hip or thigh ....also if you have an adjustable pulley....grab a flat bench and put it in front of the pulley and lay on your side....the pulley should be maybe (5-8 in) inches higher then your shoulder that is in the air...reach directly over your head then do a stiff armed pulldown movement where you bring your arm all the way up over and down to the side of your hip... your arm travels in the same plane as your body.


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        Clean and Press. An overlooked compound exercise. Works my delts, traps, triceps and even the legs.


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          getting great results from these, maybe a secret or not but man... i think they are forgotten Taps-Dumbbell Incline Shoulder Raise, Barbell Shrug, Dumbbell Shrug, Shoulders-Front Dumbbell Raise, Side Lateral Raise, Hammer Grip Incline Dumb Bell Bench Press....
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            Originally posted by davidbb View Post
            OK, most of us have at least one exercise that we swear by that few others seem to do, or at least a twist on on of the usual exercise. So post up yours, and why you do it.

            Mine is incline bench french presses for triceps, mainly because it gives a great stretch and seems to add thickness to the triceps when viewed from the back.

            great post...


            1. triceps- two handed dumbell overhead triceps press AKA french press

            2. Back- curl grip barbell rows on smith machine

            3. Biceps - iron cross cable curls ALA Lee priest

            4. Back #2 heavy dumbell pullovers

            5. partial deads and SLD on smith machine


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              Originally posted by str8flexed View Post

              wow that must KILL the hams........ I do the girls version on the hyperextension piece except I stand on my heels and it hits the hams


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                Try these for the posterior delts,its a tri set
                On an incline bench first start with hands hanging down with palms facing back and raise to paralell and squeeze do 10 reps.
                without pause have arms hang down with palms facing in towards your body and raise in a lateral movement..10 more reps.
                Then last, without pause again arm down with palms facing forward raise arms towards the rear of your body ..10 more reps...

                The main trick at the start is to position yourself correctly by first lying on the incline bench with head hanging over then push your chest out and hold your shoulder blades together and keep that position for the whole 30 reps to keep the rear delts as the target muscle.
                only need to go light on these youll see the pump in the rears ...
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                  Maniak flyes:

                  This exercise basically takes advantage of negatives and forced reps while the trainer is by themselves. First off, you take flyes, any type....incline, decline, flat.......and you take it to momentary muscular failure. Once you hit that, you then proceed to bring the dumbbells in and PRESS them up...since you can now use your triceps and delts to assist in the exercise and give you a force rep......once you reach 90-95% of full lockout you start to come back out and bring it back down as a repeat. If you truly went to failure then you should be able to get 1-3 reps out of this technique AT MOST! Be ready for the ibuprofen......let me know if you try it and how you like it anyone!


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                    Chest: smith bench press to neck...DB flyes with 3-4 second pause at stretch point
                    Lats: stiff arm pulldown/pullover superset
                    Mid-back: smith behind back upright row/shrug
                    Delts: single arm DB upright row...single arm leaning side lateral...single arm DB press
                    Biceps: 90 degree preacher hammer curls...lying behind head cable curls
                    Triceps: partial range smith or BB close grip bench press
                    Quads: DB bench step ups...1 and 1/2 rep leg presses...ass to heals hack squats...single leg leg presses
                    Hams...weighted hyperextensions using hams to pull

                    There are more, but these were the first to come to mind.

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                      Seated floor press:
                      Sit on the floor with your back up against a bench,you should have a barbell resting on the bench behind you.
                      Have a training partner hand you the barbell and simply do presses........behind the neck,front,dumbells,doesn`t matter.............. much more effective than most presses .

                      You can do the same exercise with French Presses !!
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                        arms-drop sets after 4-5 heavy sets for barbell and preacher and running the rack for dumbells. I use drop sets every workout on the last set of each exercise. (what can i say I always train heavya s possible but I believe in high volume)


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                          To finish off shoulders I do the following;
                          Using 2 relatively light dumbells I do 3 supersets consisting of
                          10 side lateral raises
                          10 front raises
                          10 military presses
                          10 upright rows
                          10 bent rear deltoid extensions.

                          Thats 50 reps per each set. ( which is why I use light dumbells)

                          This really helps me finish my shoulder work out with a big pump.
                          U mirin brah?


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                            I'm totally serious, missioinary position. It keeps my hips in alignment meaning less trips to the chiropractor. It's the only thing I could think of that's a secret. Not that it's a secret anymore.


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                              Face pulls


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                                Originally posted by staticx View Post
                                Any pics of this chick doing this exercise in a thong? I'll show her my "secret exercise" for building up the right forearm.