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Post your "secret" exercises

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    heavy cheat upright rows. Also, leaning bb curls, lean forward at a 45 degree angle and curl from there, very strict, good stretch and contraction. One more is kneeling cable crossovers, doing sets of 25, and after five reps moving forward a little, until at 25 im 2-3 feet in front of the stacks.
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      Originally posted by Ferraro View Post
      Any pics of this chick doing this exercise in a thong? I'll show her my "secret exercise" for building up the right forearm.
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        Originally posted by davidbb View Post
        OK, most of us have at least one exercise that we swear by that few others seem to do, or at least a twist on on of the usual exercise. So post up yours, and why you do it.

        Mine is incline bench french presses for triceps, mainly because it gives a great stretch and seems to add thickness to the triceps when viewed from the back.

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          Every 6 weeks or so i like to do crazy 8's for bi's.

          It takes a bit of trial and error to pick a good weight for the exercise but it works as a nice shock. Can be done with barbell or dumbells.

          start at a fairly light weight. Do 8 reps.. up the weight by 10lb.. do another 8 reps with no rest.. up the weight again by 10 lbs. Another 8 reps. Continue this with no rest until you cannot complete 8 full reps.
          I like to aim for 4 or 5 weight changes.

          Then wait 2 minutes. Start at the weight you could not finish 8 reps with on the up stage. Complete the 8 reps after the 2 minute rest. Then work your way down the rack in the same fashion. 8 reps, no rest, but going back down to the weight which you started with. That weight you originally started with will no longer feel so light!


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            no secret but different

            Some times not often though when i get worn out on doing dumbbell rows i'll line up a flat bench next to the smith machine and one arm rows on that. it's an interesting change up.


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              Not secrets but cool variations:

              Biceps - lie on your back in front of an overhead cable (your head should be about a foot or so away from the cable support), point your elbows at the ceiling and curl down so that at the point of contraction the bar is just above your head.

              Lats - sit on a bench with a decent sized dumbbell in each hand, lean forward so that your chest is virtually on your knees and then do dumbbell rows stretching forward and rowing back towards you hips. It feels weird but totally nails lower lats.


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                One of mine is a very simple variation, but I seldom see people do them. Alternating DB shrugs. To blast my traps on shoulder day, I go 3 heavy sets both arms, then I do 2 sets, where I lift only one side 5 times, then the other side, then keep going until complete and utter failure.

                Works a fucking treat for me.
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                  One that I have been using recently is when I am working chest.
                  Incline dumbbell fly's - At the end I burn out using only the lower half of the movement, never bringing my arms higher than parallel with the floor.


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                    Not really a secret exercise, but it's done wonders for my side delts. I watched a Toney Freeman video on youtube, and he does his side raises like this sometime. One rep is a full rep lifting the dumbbell from your side to parallel, then lowering half the rep, then lifting it back to the top. That is one rep. I've had to go from 40s for 10-12 to 25s for 8-10. Man do these burn! I usually do 3 sets of straight sets earlier in my shoulder workout, then hit 2-3 of these at the end. The pump is unbelievable if you stay strict, right on the medial deltoid.


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                      Alphas for the glutes! I start 3 sets of 50 and increase 10 per set every week closer to contest.


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                        Originally posted by staticx View Post
                        An exercise for the bicpes and brachialis that not many people seem to do is lying face down on the floor ion front of a low cable attachmentwith the upperarms alongside the the head. Then do behind the head cable curls. Having the arms braced on the floor does not allow them to move forward as is usually done when doing the same exercise on a lat pulldown machine.
                        X2, but on the lat pulldown way,I put a bar up on the rack to rest my elbows on to focus on the brachiallis just like you're saying. This of course needs to be on a combo machine, something like a cable station/squat rack type thing.


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                          For traps, use the farmers walk at the end of the workout to really burn up the traps. The key is using 75 percent max and walking 20 paces, then go to 60 percent max immedeatly after you complete the first 20 and perform 20 more. Repeat this three times and you should feel completly wiped.


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                            I've described it here - check it out


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                              Ok here goes you ready!!!

                              Squats, Dips, Bench , Deadlift, Straight bar curls, Heavy Military press


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                                And that's pretty much it.