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Post your "secret" exercises

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  • Here's one that will pump up and build your lower inner and outer Quads, I swear by this exercise.
    Reverse Hack Squats, what I mean by reverse is that your facing the machine so that your feet are pointing down instead of up the foot plate, try to use the lowest part of the foot plate so that you can go all the way down without putting unwanted stress on your lower back. This will put most of the focus on the lower parts of your quads including the teardrop over the knee.Before starting this exercise adjust the hack squat to its lowest angle so that you are almost lying face down. Start of light until you get used to the feel and foot placements Once you have mastered the exercise you will be able to wack on alot more weight on each side and change the angle and foot placement (narrow and wide) to move the stress points on the quads. JOB DONE!!!!


    • Heres one for the mid delts, I call these Wall singal Arm Lateral raises. This sounds long and drawn out but worth a try if you want to fry up your mid delts.
      1. Start by using a light dumbell untill you get used to the movement.
      2. Stand sideways, about a foot away from a wall and then lean on the wall with just your shoulder touching it, your feet should be the furthest bodypart away from the wall.
      3. Now with the other arm start your lateral raises. Keep your arm as straight as possible and raise the dumbell slowly till it is level with your shoulder. When lowering the dumbell letting it past infront of your body and then start your next rep, this will keep the tension full on the mid delts. Give this one a try. WARNING!!!!! only for people who love blood swelling delts and a pump to F**K**G match.
      4. shoot for 8-10 reps and then change arms.


      • clubbells are fun for a change. Good for shoulder rehab/prehab especially.


        • overhead arm pulls using a cable...


          • Spine twisters

            Rotating wall grinders

            Spinal collumn crunching

            Alternating cigarettes

            Clown annihilation booth activation

            Inside out defecation

            Running on the ceiling naked

            Master these and you can become a beast

            KILL EM n GRILL EM


            • Originally posted by figurebre View Post
              Alphas for the glutes! I start 3 sets of 50 and increase 10 per set every week closer to contest.
              What r alphas? Dont think i have ever heard of this.


              • I love yates underhand barbell rows S/S w under hand barbell shrugs hold in top position for 3 sec.

                Leg extensions hold in extended position then shift your toes from out to in for a count of eight then slowly lower you will do this for 10 to 12 reps then stretch 30 sec and go into sissy squats for a set of 12 stretch 30 sec and repeat 3 to 4 times


                • After I rep out on barbell curls, I usually do a drop set of reverse grip barbell slide curls. It really increased the pump.

                  LOL, people at the gym watching probably think I'm doing some kind of half-assed barbell row!
                  . . . . THE POWER OF THE RIFF COMPELS ME . . . .


                  • Originally posted by Warrior View Post
                    Dumbbell shrugs while leaning on an incline bench - chest against the pad. It helps to shift the load off the top of the shoulders (away from the verticle plane) and more toward the upper back area - where the traps actually reside...
                    excellent idea...i think i'll steal it! thanks bro....


                    • australian pullups is my shit good 4 the rear delts


                      • Not a secret at all but walking lunges. These definitely added mass to my legs (I think they made my butt bigger too). But doing these right after squats is brutal!


                        • Atlas stones!!!!! These are amazing for your biceps, upper and lower back and forearms. Since I started doing the strongman shows and training with my stones, I have added at least an inch to my arms and my back development is improved tremendously. If you look you can buy the moulds for the stones on the net, and with a couple bags of concrete and some time you have an awsome toy.


                          • 21's for barbell curl's at the end of my bicep workout is a killer and gives me a huge pump. I leave them for last because it's not about the weight, but more about the concentration and burn. The perfect way to really finish off your biceps.


                            • Originally posted by hard_gainer View Post
                              21's for barbell curl's at the end of my bicep workout is a killer and gives me a huge pump. I leave them for last because it's not about the weight, but more about the concentration and burn. The perfect way to really finish off your biceps.
                              switch the order of your 21's around so you do the top half 7 then 7 full reps and finish off with the bottom half 7, it really fries them bi's, also do it that way for side laterals


                              • 1. Concentration curls, but with hammer curl aswel so it will be 1 normal curl, hammer curl, normal curl, hammer curl and so on.

                                2. skullcrusher and close grip bench press

                                3. pullover and close grip bench press
                                Check my journal out.ROAD TO NATURAL BODYBUILDING