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    Originally posted by josh19 View Post
    just to let you know clark there is still lots of hazing in the marine corps it happens o me a lot and i graduated mct and im at my school now. and also we still do death runs up here in 29 palms, ca. and dont talk shit about jr marines because ive seen quite a few nco's worse then some privates
    thats true. there are nco's that are f**king horrible marines. I'm all about if a marine needs it ( jr. or senoir) then he should get punched in the mouth. I'm not trying to sound like "old corps" or none of that bullshit but if me or my peers screwed up when we were boots we were jumped by all the seniors and never did that again. Nowadays these f**kers straight out of SOI call hazing if you make them police call the parking lots. Good luck in the corps but I have grown to hate it with all my heart. I cant tell you how many and how hard I have been f**ked


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      Originally posted by clarkthashark View Post
      No shit. One of the main reasons I'm getting out is the lack of discipline and how soft the marine corps is becoming. No I'm not saying that Jr. Marines should be 'hazed' like getting beat up (unless they deserve it) but my Sgt. Maj. literally told us that we couldnt even take our boots on death runs anymore! I cant stand the military anymore because of boots not necessarily getting "brave" and standing up, but being pussies and telling higher ups that they think they are getting hazed and they're mommy's said that they cant do that to them.
      They are still miles ahead of their sister services. I did think it was stupid to see beach runs in "boots and utes" become outlawed, but I was happy to watch the marital arts program start up with the Commandant saying "No fucking way are Marines going to be getting beat up out in town!" I was getting out when that program first started to replace LINE training... but watching the lance corporals come back from earning their first belt with busted bones motivated the hell out of me!
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        Originally posted by pghiron View Post
        as far as i know Delta is the only team that really picks and chooses. SEALs, Rangers, Recon, PJs are all on a pass basis. and for those all you have to do is take the PAST and they will send you GTEP to your pipeline. Its up to you from there though.
        As far as submiting a package most Special Programs have no say. Recently to submit a package to BUD/S you have to screen well, if you don't then you can't even try out. Now as far as graduating the training pipeline the instructor staff has LOTS to do with it. I broke my hip in training, I should have been dropped due to the recovery time. Instead I got rolled because I had done well until this happpened. For the most part just do what is asked and do it the best you can, that way no matter what happens you an look back and say I tried my best.
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