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USMC/Navy Seals

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  • USMC/Navy Seals

    I think it is stupid that most people say Navy Seals are more "hardcore" than Marines. Or say the Navy Seals have a higher drop out rate than MARSOC or Marine Recon so Navy Seal training must be harder. That might be true but consider this...

    You join the Navy, easy bootcamp, then you can try become a Navy Seal.
    You join the Marines, hardcore bootcamp, then you can try to get into Recon, then you can try to get into MARSOC.

    What im trying to say is the Navy Seals have a higher drop out rate because their recruits come from the Navy, who just went through some pussy bootcamp.
    Marine Recon and MARSOC doesnt have as high as a drop out rate because their recruits came from the Marines, who went through the hardest basic training in the U.S. Military.
    Marines who go into Recon and then into MARSOC are allready elite, so of course Recon and MARSOC are going to have a lower drop out rate than the Navy Seals.

    And consider this...

    There are alot of movies and video games about the Navy Seals when the same isnt true about Marine Recon or ESPECIALLY MARSOC. So the Navy Seals must not be as secretive about what they do as Marine Recon or MARSOC.

    In my opinion the one that is more "secretive" about what they really do must be more elite.

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    who cares who has the more hardcore training. thats just some dumb dick measuring contest about who had it tougher. its completely oppinionated.(and im sharing mine) either way you have to bust your ass to join. but either way im glad we have those bunch of badasses on our side


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      its all apples to oranges. but i have watched a recon marine as well as an army ranger get out of the pool and quit on hellnight in pararescue indoc. food for thought.
      Envy is ignorance, Imitation is suicide.


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        Well if you get a SEAL contract when you enlist you go into a bootcamp designed for future SEALs, so you're wrong on that. There is also the BUD/s prepatory school in Illinois; if you research anything on that you'll find that, that organization is no push-over school, wrong again. Most people drop from SEAL training because they can't find it in themselves to finish. I am currently training to be a SEAL. Aside all of that RECON Marines are some bad dudes and they're the best at what they do which is platoon to battalion size combat much like the Rangers. SEALs are the best at what they do, Marines are best at what they do, Special Forces are the foremost in what they practice, etc. A dick measuring contest is only necessary for close rivals within the groups or people who have way too large of an opinion who stand on the outside. SOF are not spectator sports.


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          Also apologizing for reviving a long dead thread, did not even care to look at the date.


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              Army green berets are crazier man


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                SEMPER FI!!!!