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    I am interested on workouts for boxing!
    Can you propose me any program pls?

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    Get a jump rope. You'll be jumping over that rope, a lot. Then you'll do it some more. Just jumping rope has improved my overall agility, the speed and power in my punches, and made my calves look a lot better. Contrary to what the average joe thinks, most of your punching power comes from your legs and back.


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      About weights?
      Is there any program that make me stronger,without losing my speed?


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        Go to a real boxing gym, find a trainer who is positive about weight training. Do what he tells you.


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          NYC BIG MIKE
          Looking for the "gang of 20".


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            Originally posted by spyros7 View Post
            About weights?
            Is there any program that make me stronger,without losing my speed?

            that all depends on what weight class you want to fight in.
            check out the speed thread here about mohammad ali and co.

            I know Sefu from heavy weight thai boxing attributes alot of his functional condition to his plyo program.
            Did you mean stronger or bigger. You have to remember pimping the trade off is probably where that's going to be at.

            My sigung has one of the top fastest recorded strike volume / minute in the current world. Personally, I found that drilling different paced different height and width strike interval sprints for 200 and 50 and 100 rep sets on 1/3 bw resistance and straight bwe's did massive things for me in that department. Aand gave me stamina to back rounds of 200 chaining strikes up off each other I wanted to. i train my legs for kicks alot the same and so as far as i remember does the world heavy weight and middle weight MT champions i've trained with.
            If you dont plan to give up any weight though, maybe cycle your lifts on higher weight and fewer reps x 1-2 wkly- better on the split.

            check out

            they normally have a few ppl floating around. Ask 7 star. He doesn't mind some weight on him.
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              check this out




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                Thanks all of you!


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                  If you have a little brother you can perfect your skills even without wasting money on a punching-bag.
                  I riff em all on phat' bottom string - making it clear who's the real Kerry-King


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                    and wouldn't it be nice to be able to do that .


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                      Don't do alot of iso exercises.
                      No need for fency machines. Bar, dumbells (don't go too heavy) and kettlebells. Another good exercise is pushing empty bar in fron of you while going up and down on your toes (be carefull, start with a little one)
                      And most importantly ALWAYS STRETCH AFTER WEIGHTLIFTING!!!!!!
                      Arbeit macht frei!


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                        Do you mean starting with the bar against your chest and wrists down and turning them up as you push ? Like a row or an elbows down your sides pushup?? I do those single alternative armed with dumbells while i do between the leg oblique crunches. If you work those as you would an actual strike remembering your core and for myself in working back elbows as you come back and bring the other one fwd .. very cool exercise. I typically do looads of that kind of rom. Love that
                        I'm not really big on straight boxing per se, but would you do that bar chest push with soft knees in a bit of a stance for more explosive power or what?


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                          I'm not sure I completely understand you, so forgive me if I'm wrong, but the exercise i mean is this:
                          you stand totaly relaxed, empty bar in your hands, then you raise bar in front of you as you would raise dumbells. Pull it towards your chest and push out. And knees are soft for sure.
                          Another cool exercise would be taking a sledge hammer and hitting a big tire (semi truck's for example). With a hammer comming all the way from your back. Changing sides with each hit. Works your back, legs and arms. Pretty good one for developing explosiveness.
                          Arbeit macht frei!


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                            no. that's not what i thought you were describing but they sound more like hindu pushups.. except I might do those with bw and maybe someone my sitting on my back for a 1-2-5 rep max if there was anyone around.
                            ooh. cheating resistance from the tyre bounce back .. lol. I guess so. i have a machine that does something verrry similar for my whole body.

                            I really think we're pretty much saying the same thing.. but your equipment is cuter than mine is. What about those iron digging poles that break up the earth to set a heavy fence paling in?
                            I once did some enrviromental conservation stuff for national parks and wildlife australia in one of our sacred indigenous areas in the carnavorn ranges and cutting down trees and building a fence to last for thirty yrs minimum.. tOttally kicked Ass for a full rom ab ripping speed training workout.. you have to get a sprint pace going alternating sides of diaganol drive down across the front of your body of the same kind motion otherwise the broken earth fills up the hole too quickly and it takes too long.
                            Lots of fun in pre- bush fire heat in thick forrest i can assure you..
                            Lol ..
                            Are you sure some sort of varied high and low maybe kneeling off a bench cross over cable pull backs wouldn't do ??
                            Creative suggestions for someone who might have limited and alternative equipment though.
                            i might start eying off things like that myself if I didn't have a better option. . i also find sparring with walls and trees okay for a solid target aswell.
                            Once you've got the rom and target points figured.. any way at all to work it is a good way in my books!
                            ooh the luxury.
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                              What about those iron digging poles that break up the earth to set a heavy fence paling in?
                              its all about natural movenment. Breaking ice works too.

                              Are you sure some sort of varied high and low maybe kneeling off a bench cross over cable pull backs wouldn't do ??
                              what I described above is time proven methods/ Simple yet effective, like any martial art or combatative sport should be...
                              Arbeit macht frei!