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plyos for vert

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  • plyos for vert

    whats the best plyos to do to increase vertical jump?
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    jump up both feet hit the box in the middle and do that 10 times for 4 sets
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      Squat down and then jump as high as you can do 2 sets of 25 and increase every week.

      1 legged chair hops, get a sturdy chair and place one leg on the chair and push yurself up into the air using the leg on the chair to move you, do 15 reps each leg.

      Skip jumps on the balls of your feet as if you were skipping jump as high as you can for 50 reps.

      Tiny jumps. Keeping your legs slighty bent at the knee just use your calfs to bring youself off the ground. Basically it is a calf raiser but your jumping.

      with all increase each week by 20 reps.

      I did this and it was awesome! jstdo not do it on the weekends or game day.

      Good lucky mate,
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        An awesome way to increase vert is to jump/land off a high platform and as soon as you land jump high onto another platform. I have seen Dwayne Wade do these for training. Just hard on the knees!


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          One workout won't give you the increase in vertical jump that you want.. you should combine several plyometric workouts like the ones above