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a good basketball workout?

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  • a good basketball workout?

    that can be done in the gym?

    anybody have one?

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    conditioning wise or like skills?


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      Originally posted by Quadzilla02 View Post
      conditioning wise or like skills?
      more so conditioning : )


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        weightlifting and basketball are hard to need to do a lot of LEG and CORE WORK i suggest squats, deads, leg extensions, calf raises etc.....once your leg strength improves then you can start running heavy sprints.....if you have access to a bball court then run suicides or 17s while dribbling......if not then HIIT on a treadmill for long periods of time....

        as for upper body.....KEEP IT LIGHT, the more your add up top the harder it is to jump and is a game of finesse and you dont want to be running around heavy, especially at the 1 2 or 3 position....... do a lot of ab work and more high rep low weight work on the upper body

        and dont lift on game days

        hope this helps


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          i agree with pun k in the sense that weightlifting and basketball are hard to mix because you want to be able to hold your ground but still be able to move around like a wide receiver i recommend doing a lot of calves thighs and hamstrings basically legs because thats were all of your jumping come from upper body keep it light and stretch a lot!
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            I used to play basketball here in Aus at a fairly high level until I injured my knee (the heap of shit)!

            Anyway I found that for my lower body plyometrics was the best! squats/leg press was good if I used weights and calf raises.

            Upper body I stuck to things like curls, chins, rows, bench, and the pully machines.

            Like others have said on here keep it light on the upper body and do not train on game day.

            Check out Air Alert II if you want a plyometric system that will get you cond. in the legs and also improve strength and vertical. Not sure if they are still around as it has been a couple years since I used it, but it worked like a dream!

            Good luck champ.
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              Originally posted by tallguy21 View Post
              more so conditioning : )
              Well if you want conditioning i can tell you what we used to do for our practice. We were ranked number 1 in the state at one point.

              (width wise of the gym) we would touch the lines

              we would do:

              4 in 12 sec
              8 in 30 sec
              12 45 sec
              16 in a min
              As we were beating the times he would lower them so that they were even harder. These used to be our warm ups and punishments. Our coach was big on making free throws and shots when we were tired and these were the way he did it. Our biggest guy by the middle of the year was keeping up with some of the gaurds.


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                If your on about preperation for basketball, you dont want anything to effect your ball control/shooting touch, so within the season dont do anything more than maintence type lifting.
                But in the off season, if you need to get stronger, then by all means get down to it, you dont want to look like the hulk, so you want to do more strength type lifts sticking with 6-8 rep ranges, so pretty heavy all the time.
                Within basketball it is vital to have a strong core, so core work as often as your core lets you is a must.
                Upper body, stick to simple exercises, for biceps barbell curls and alternative curls, for triceps - dips and pulldowns, for back - wide grip chin ups and bent over rows and straight leg dead lifts, for shoulders - shoulder press and shrugs, for hamstrings - walking lunges and ham curl machine, for quads - leg extension, squats and maybe leg press, calves seated and standing calf raise machines.
                I am currently in my off season, but am wanting to improve my dribbling and shooting, so i am lifting only 3 times a week, and that's only 2 times upper body as i give legs there own day, if possible keep as much ball familurisation as possible 2 ball dribbling, 1 ball dribbling, same hand same leg clockwise and anti clockwise, right hand oppisite leg, both ways etc, 2 balls front to back, side to side etc.
                Fitness wise, you want to be getting faster, stronger and more agile.
                3 times a week, Monday - 3 miles 75% - needs to be hard but not killing you, building endurance, beat time each week.
                Wednesday - on a court - end to end, rest 10 secs, end to end and back, rest 20 secs, 3 ends, 25secs rest, 4 ends, 30secs rest, build upto 10 ends, increasing rest period by 5 secs per end, then work way back down to 1 end, this is a killer and all you will need for that day.
                Friday - Plyometrics - 3 x 20 secs, squat jumps, 3 x 20 secs lateral bounds 2 footed, 3 x 20 secs tuc jumps, 3 x 20 secs walltaps, rest 30 secs inbetween each set, aim is to jump as high as u can each time, always land on bent legs, and explode back up each time.


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                  I have used this with some clients with good results:

                  Workout 1: Explosiveness-30 min. sessions x 3sets x 12 reps ea. Rest: 30sec btwn sets and 2 min btwn exercises.


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                    [quote=axioma;825837]I have used this with some clients with good results:

                    Workout 1: Explosiveness-30 min. sessions x 3sets x 12 reps ea. Rest: 30sec btwn sets and 2 min btwn exercises.
                    Choose 3:
                    side2side jump
                    back2front jump
                    squat jump
                    stair jump
                    jump rope-30sec
                    After 3 weeks add 2 of following:
                    double leg stair hop
                    box-drop jump shot
                    continue for 3 weeks.
                    Every other workout in addition to above, add
                    strides (3/4 speed run):
                    week 1: (4) 400 mtr strides, rest 3 min between ea.
                    week 2: (8) 200 mtr strides, rest 1 min. btwn
                    week 3: (8) 100 mtr strides, rest 30 sec.
                    week 4: Do every workout: suicides, 60 sec sideline drills, alt. w/backpedaling, 5and halfs, and reverse suicides: 2 sets of ea. rest 1 min. btwn.
                    Hope this helps, if you are unsure any coach should know what I am describing. If you want a gym workout let me know.


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                      Remember weight room strength conditioning is general, not specific. Keep the drills that are sport related to your position agility work and skill preparation. There is really no secret as my belief is basketball is a power sport. Short bursts of maximal effort with submaximal jogging or light running inbetween with short breaks. Keep your weightroom tasks simple and sweet. Don't be in the weightroom anymore than 45 minutes to 60 minutes. Keep your rests shorter than a conventional style and don't do just bodybuilding movements. Throw in some mulijoint movements such as hangcleans and olympic style squats for reps in the 8-12. Good Luck with your training, hope this helps.