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has anyone done crossfit training??

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    Originally posted by Chasing Kaz View Post
    Crossfit is great if you're just an average schmoe trying to get in shape. It dabbles into many areas of fitness and makes you better at each of them.

    However, if you're training for a sport, it's not so good. What it does for the average schmoe (makes you better in many areas), it doesn't do for the athlete who needs to be great or excellent in 2 or 3 areas to stand out in their sport.

    If you're a wide receiver, crossfit isn't going to improve your downfield speed. If you're a powerlifter, crossfit isn't going to improve your deadlift. If you're a distance runner, crossfit isn't going to decrease your marathon time. See where this is going?

    I can squat and deadlift more than most crossfitters and I'm willing to bet that my 50m and 100m sprint times would be in the top 5% among crossfitters, too. But that's because I train specifically for them. Your body becomes what you make it and crossfit tends to create jacks of all trades.
    I tend to agree with this explanation here without going into too much of the same ideas. I just feel with my experience in athletics, my own training as well as other's I have seen and read about , there is always this new name for something or this new program and yada yada yada. I mean go back to the eastern bloc country splits of the 60's and 70's. They had warehouse space with barbells and racks. They fucking busted their asses using maximal weights multiple times a day because thats what they expected their body do when they had to fire, fire with maximal effort. Maximal effort isn't just designed for the gym either, just go out and do something to maximum effort, whether it be jumping as explosively as possible, sprinting as fast as possible, draging or carrying objects such as strongman with maximal weight. That my friends will get you moving into the right direction. You need to invest your energy intellectually, phsiologically, emotionally, etc to be successful in what you're trying accomplish. And don't slap some name to it, and say oh i'm doing crossfit, or i'm doing westside or i'm doing mark rippetoe, or bill star 5x5, whatever, what a bunch of crap. Individualization must occur and do what needs to be done for your sport or goals.

    Also some of you quoting great athletes like Adrian Peterson for example, that will accomplish nothing. We aren't taking into consideration years of participation in his sport (football), his superior genetics, diet, recovery, etc. I mean some guys just have it like that and that's why they are getting paid millions to do what they do. No matter what they train and some don't even train very much, they are still superior athletes. Just the way it is.


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      Originally posted by Myth View Post
      You have to customize your program if you want results in all areas. Check out my blog if you want an idea of how to integrate metabolic conditioning (aka, metcons, aka crossift) into a strength training program.
      Then is it really CF or just good old cross training? My two questions about CF are: (1) what's original about it? (2) what training effects can be had from it that can't be had from another version of cross training?

      In the 80s, I used to do what people called giant sets with sprints. I would so something like rack pulls, dips, leg press, and sprints in the parking lot. Should I have named in Barbie and gotten rich?

      These days, I will do chins (real chins, not that BS injury in the making "kipping" things CF favors...), incline dumbell presses, and front squats for higher reps with minimal/no rest and 5 mins of HIIT on a stair stepper, for 3 cycles.

      Or, I will do Prowler pushing, rope climbing, and tire flipping. I named it "Will."

      Is this Cross Fit? If I name it Bob, can I sell it? Cross Training has its place for sure, CF, which is 100% another version of cross training, can also have its place, but there's no doubt in my mind there's better choices for cross training that does not include high rep O lifts, kipping pull ups, etc.

      This aint rocket science gang. Sure, if CF gets more people involved with exercise, great, I'm all for it, but every time you get a group of people to do something, they seem to form into a mob of morons who will then claim their "system" is the only one true system (visions of HIT here...) and make it unbearable for the rest of the world who has to deal with these insufferable sheep...I mean people....
      Will Brink @


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        Originally posted by BBWW View Post
        i have train few people to do the 300 workout. man, it is fast and intense.
        so, has anyone done crossfit training and what do you think about it?
        I did Crossfit for 6 months and lost 30 pounds doing it. I also drastically improved my physical readiness test scores.

        CrossFit generally uses weight training as cardio. And as for the guy who said something about Charles Glass, it is no more core (trunk) heavy than Olympic lifting.

        The workouts aren't bodybuilder type, they will improve general athletic performance and enhance your weightloss.
        "The highest reward for a person's toil is not what they get for it, but what they become by it."
        John Ruskin


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          Originally posted by Hate it or Love it! View Post
          Thanks BBWW lol. Yea I do a bit of it throughout my weeks sometimes and am a big fan of the rings - if you all have never used them they are the jam! Ill post up some of my sessions when I get a chance.
          Nothing compares to doing dips on rings - it is a far superior exercise to bar dips IMHO. Pull-ups too.
          "The highest reward for a person's toil is not what they get for it, but what they become by it."
          John Ruskin


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            Originally posted by UltimateThrilla View Post
            I would LOVE for you to elaborate.
            Because what you wrote is true.
            bodybuilders typically have very poor fitness scores because type II fibers are not as efficient as type I fibers. cross fit has been correctly spoken about in this thread. it's a little jack of all trades that doesn't really excel at any specific thing.
            I feel like people are talking about p90x or insanity when referring to cross fit. the fact of it is you should train for one goal for a designated time than switch goals. you can not train for muscular strength and endurance at the same time, it's counter productive and that's basically what CF is.


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              CROSSFIT is my new hobby...
              Im looking fwd to qualifying for sectionals and regionals here in Tx in 2011.
              The WODS are GREAT!
              JOIN my health transformation challenge
              www dot flexwithdrexfor90days dot bodybyvi dot com


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                Crossfit seems pretty similar to what a lot of catch-wrestlers and old-school professional wrestlers are into, as far as, extreme muscle confusion, tons of body-weight exercises, etc. Even the use of rings.
                A highlight of my best moments submission-grappling


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                  In my opinion, crossfit is a great tool but is not the end all be all. I work with athletes and athletes, above all, need to be explosive. Training aerobically works to convert muscle types which comes with a whole mess of anatomical changes within the muscle which are not conducive for power/explosion. It has it's place but I would never have a traditional athlete doing cleans for more than MAYBE 8 reps, and that's pushing it (again, just my opinion and philosophy). It's an explosive lift so I won't be teaching it as an aerobic tool.


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                    I want to try crossfit training but a bit scare, because of heavy weights and high intensity program.


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                      you wanna be fit and build muscle? Do P.H.A. Training like Mr America Bob Gadja did.. look him up guy was strong and fit.