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Track in the weight room

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  • Track in the weight room

    Well I play football and track.
    Football season is about over so Im gonna get in the weight room and get bgger/stronger for track.

    I run the 100m/200m

    11.00 electric 100, and 22.4 electric 200.

    Whatre some good functional strength workouts I could do to get stronger for those sprints?

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    Normally you don't hear about people looking to get bigger for track especially when coming off of football season but your best bet for increasing speed is plyometrics. Box jumps as well as other explosive movements will increase your power (not to be confused with strength). Solid heavy movements liek squats will also aid in leg drive but the main thing is to focus on running and form. You can have the strongest legs but that won't exactly mean the fastest.
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      That's good advice^^
      Being lean and having good relative strength for you bodyweight is important in sprinting. 11.00 is a decent time, how tall/heavy are you?

      I train with a guy that might compete for Korea at world championships next year, his PRs are 10.67 and 22.01 in the 100/200. I also train with adrienne power, who is an olympic sprinter for team canada. A big thing (which sucks because you're a football player) is that you don't want to have an overly big upper body. Cleans and squats are the two most important lifts aside from working on sprinting technique.

      If you havent been dedicated to track for a long time, thenyou probably dont have an extensive amount of practice coming out of the blocks. You can shave a tenth off your time just by working on your starts, and even more by practicing maintaining good technique throughout the whole run.

      Getting volume in with speed endurance is very important, so doing 120-150m sprints at 100% effort to train for the 100, and 250-300m sprints for the 200 are very good for building speed endurance.
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        Those times were about exactly what I ran in HS I was 6'3" about 190 my senior year in track. The best way and fastest way to increase time in those runs would be start and form. I had good finish speed but i was always diggin myself out of a hole. Not saying your start isn't good I have no idea but you can gain a lot with an awesome start. Combine that with good form you'll do awesome.

        in addition to squats and cleans I would add in Bulgarian split squats with dumbells or barebell and weighted hip thrusts and weighted glute bridges. Also hip work flexion, extension, abductors, and adductors. I use a #1 powerlifting band and do static holds for 10-12s on each hip movement. I use the same band and do a laying static hamstring curl as well.


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          I would x2 the explosive box jumps. I would also add box squats and just suring up your form. Remember the more explosive you are in the weight room the more explosive you will be on the track. Mirror the explosiveness you use on the track in the weight room. For example you shouldn't be box jumping 30 inches for 2 minutes straight. Add some resistance and do explosive work for 10-20 seconds max then wait a couple minutes untill you feel beyond recovered for the next burst.


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            power cleans, squats, dead lift, db step ups and box jumps. if you can get your hands on a vertimax it well increase your speed more then anything else.

            I ran a 10.6 elect my senior year


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              plyos, power cleans, squats and deadlifts is what we did during the fall @ U of Houston w/ Tom Tellez. He is a very technical coach plus he didnt have us lifting much during the season.
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                As far as my concer i always like to do box squats .. the more time i spend while doing it, more i feel good so i suggest you to try it bnecause its best functional strength workout