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Because of the email regisration being abused, registration will be by invitation only.
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training research studies

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  • training research studies

    Hi there, im relativley new to these forums so i wasn't sure where to post this, i've seen alot of good posters that have alot of research to back their stuff up.

    I have been searching for research studies into the effects of variations on training such as, hypertrophy rep ranges, negative rep training, drop sets, pyramid training, FST-7 training. All these kinda things just for my own little research study for work. If any of you guys could provide a good search place or the studies them selves that would be great.

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    I think you should simply google it.. there would you find a lot of stuff realted to training research which you want such as ypertrophy rep ranges, negative rep training, drop sets, pyramid training, FST-7 training
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