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The darkside of Heavy Iron - my inner thoughts

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    test and tren to the death


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      Mental Focus in our world

      We battle the iron, we weigh our food and count our macros, we do our cardio, we make time to prepare the meals and make time for rest. We plan our day and even plan our week. Our calculations are measured and remeasured again. We adjust, we overcome, we persevere. We are driven, we are focused, we visualize and we make it happen. Without the planning and willpower we cannot achieve our goals. Without a fierce focus and determination we will fail.

      When I enter the gym I have already prepared my mind. I know what the cold metal feels like in my hands before I touch it. I know what the heavy weight will feel like on my frame. I know the pain and sweat and work I'm about to endure. I don't want to talk or socialize. I want to achieve my goal. If someone is on the next machine or bench I have another picked out. I don't want to rest. I don't want to lose my pump. I'm here to work and work hard. Rest between sets can be counted with a second hand not a minute hand. I crank the intensity all the way up. Pushing my body further and further until I'm absolutely spent. Then its on the the next exercise to repeat it all over again. The guys in the gym see me fail with light weights. Many of them don't understand. I'm not there to ego lift. I'm there to absolutely obliterate my muscle fibers. I'm there to do damage. Damage to every fiber.

      This prep is short. Its 10 weeks. I have 10 short weeks to transform. I cannot waste time. I will do set after set until I can do no more. The goal is complete and utter failure on every set. How ironic that we train to failure in order to win. My mind screams from the pain. I must focus and determine not to stop. Those last two reps that feel like a hot fire in the muscle bellies are the ones I'm after. The reps that bring tears to my eyes are the ones I need. I must have those reps. They are the ones that will change me and transform me to granite and stone. The training session is a whirlwind of planning, adjustment and pain. It ends quickly but painfully. Now its time for the cardio. I let my mind wander off. Its time to go somewhere else in my mind while I trudge on and on for forty five minutes. I fall in and out of a day dream. My lungs are on fire and sweat pours off of me. I see the same people that still look the same. Year after year and they make no changes for the good or for the worse. Just stagnate and static. 10 weeks my mind screams. You only have 10 weeks! Finally the cardio session is done. I walk out tired, beaten down and hungry. Now I must eat but eat clean.

      I go home to a prepared meal I made the day before. Chicken, rice and broccoli. Over and over for 10 weeks. I want to change. I want to transform but I have to work for it. It isn't free and it isn't easy. If it was everyone would look like carved stone. I focus and determine to succeed. I will train hard. I will eat what's on the plan. I will not stop. Its all a mental game. See it in your mind and do it. Focus and make it happen. visualize and work for it. Don't stop. The clock is ticking. Time is almost spent.
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