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Which go together best...

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  • Which go together best...

    I'm pairing up compounds and music, so the day that compound is pinned, it's the music/band I/you/we love to listen to. This keeps my music rotation fresh and keeps me from listening to the same 2 or 3 bands every workout.

    For Example:
    Sustanon - Cannibal Corpse
    Equipoise - Old school hip-hop (Biggie, Pac, NWA,)
    Tren - Rockabilly (new or old - Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, The Stray Cats, Reverend Horton Heat)
    Deca - Cher, Mellissa Ethridge, or Avenge Sevenfold...sometimes even Nickleback
    20x5mg DBol mixed in with my preworkout Shake - Hatebreed
    Anavar - Anything Heavy Techno/Dance (think "Blade" soundtrack...but fuck that Skrilla shit...haha I said but fuck)
    GH - Randy Travis or Montgomery Gentry
    Primo - the Avett Brothers
    DMZ 1 or 2 - Fuck that, "designer" pills are for fags who are afraid of getting too big...pussies

    What are your mashups?
    (Currently listening to - Jimi Hendrix...I forgot one compound...weed)
    You wouldn't know what fun was even if it beat the shit out of you. -Big Jimsty

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    I know it sounds hokey but Masteron turns me into the band Dope's song "Die MF Die!".
    Lift heavy and eat lots of dead animals! Yes, that's me in my avatar.


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      lol great idea for a thread


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        Prop/tren/mast=A.D.I.D.A.S. by Korn lol


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          Dbol and sonne by rammstein....


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            SD and DECAPITATED


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              how can Cher and Avenged Sevenfold be in the same workout?


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                Ring around the rosies = Tren


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                  Sepultura - Arise = Deca, Sustanon
                  Women I admire: Beni Lopez, Adina Zanolli, Lisa Calhoun, Darlene Reid, Mikaila Soto, Leslie Morris. Yea, i said it!!


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                    No pantera, slayer, megadeth=growth failure


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                      Originally posted by Big Puppy View Post
                      how can Cher and Avenged Sevenfold be in the same workout?
                      Because both are queer music that make me want to cry every time I listen to them, and then take a long time to get out of your head...the same way that deca turns guys into queers around girls -I swear baby, I can't get it up because of the deca, not because I'm not attracted to you anymore (even worse is when you don't have the balls to tell her your "on" and you have to explain your soft little deca-dick.)

                      Pluss, like those queer bands taking a long time getting out of your head, deca takes FOREVER to get out of your system.

                      PS - any of your twats wanna deny listening to Cher or that it doesn't stick in your head for days at a time...

                      You wouldn't know what fun was even if it beat the shit out of you. -Big Jimsty


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