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Best way to use a vial of HCG

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  • Best way to use a vial of HCG

    The Cycle
    500mg test week 1-10
    40mg d bol week 1-4
    .5mg Adex EoD 1-12

    Nolva - 40/40/20/20
    Aromasin - 20mg a day

    DAA, Ostarine and IGF LR3 to help in PCT also

    i have one 5000ui vial of HCG i was going to run it the last 5 weeks of my cycle at 1000 ui a week (2 500 UI shots) but then i was told to blast 500ui for the last 10 days of the cycle

    so many people have varying opinions on HCG, what would be the best route to use if you only have one vial