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Vials in luggage

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  • Vials in luggage

    Do steroid vials show up on an x-ray machine at the airport? I mean can customs easily spot them in your luggage, or do they have to suspect you of having something? Im talking about international travel, not domestic.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Had the tsa search my checked luggage and left a tsa "we searched your bag" type note right next to my stuff


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      I don't fly often but one time my luggage was all messed up when I got it like they clearly went through it and another time my Dad and I were called off to the side while waiting in line and searched right there. I believe they asked if it was ok to do right there but I mean people could look and watch. My Dad looked at me and whispered you don't have anything do you? haha I was like 15 and had been busted smoking pot a couple times already by the parents.
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