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Anavar - Personal Results

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  • Anavar - Personal Results

    Thinking of running this with test for my next cycle. Never ran it before and wanted to what your experiences were with it. It will be a cutting cycle.

    Probably do 500-750mg of test E for 10 weeks
    60-80MG of Anavar daily for 4-5 weeks

    PCT: Clomid, Arimidex.

    Thanks in advance
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    Love anavar. prob don't need more than 40-50mg for your first try though. I have been running it for years and never had to use more than 60mg daily.


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      Thanks man. So you actually notice results? It's not that mild? Going to drop some body fat and then likely jump on.

      What exactly do you like about it?


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        I didnt really get much out of var until I used 100mg daily which was awesome.


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          I liked anavar. I used a liquid version and it helped with strength gains and leaning out. It can be expensive because like Brundel said you have to run a fairly high dosage to see results. At least 50 mgs, up to 100 mgs.
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            At around 40mg the strength jump is very noticeable.
            FWIW, for my last contest I ran 20mg var and 25mg winny.
            If you have to run 100mg, your var is junk. Unless this is a "more is better" thing...a lot of ppl think you need way too much shit, like 200mg anadrol or 100mg Dbol. This is just stupidity. My first run of Dbol was either 25 or 30mg and I blew up like a madman. I never run more than 50mg of that, so by comparison , yes 60mg of var shows it is "weaker".