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Sensitive/sore nips

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  • Sensitive/sore nips

    Currently taking

    weeks 1-2 25 mg dbol
    weeks 3-4 50 mg dbol

    weeks 1-12
    test e 300 mg (pin sunday/thursday)

    weeks 1-3 .25 adex e3d
    weeks 3-12 .25 eod

    Completed 3 weeks of cycle and began getting sensitive/sore nips. Upped adex to eod but am still experiencing the soreness, has only been a little over 24 hours or so but I just wanted to make sure I'm not fucking anything up (first cycle). Have nolva on hand if necessary. Just continue adex eod and hope it goes away or should i up to every day? Should i throw in some nolva? Thanks.

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    I had a lump growing on my right nipple. I'm doing .5mg of Anastrozole every 3 days to mitigate it. I'm about a week into the administration and the sensitivity has decreased substantially. Try upping it to .5 instead of .25. That's the only advice I have, really.
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      .5 eod?


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        Originally posted by cougs0701 View Post
        .5 eod?
        Yes. That should be enough to keep Gyno mitigated.

        For anecdotal reference, one milligram of Anastrozole a week took my friends E2 from 50 to under 20. So, be aware that at higher doses and frequencies your estrogen can be lowered a lot, and you will see side-effects from that.
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          If your that worried about is up the abex or start nolva and 20mg Ed till problems subsides then back it down little by little. No need to use more nolva if you don't have to. If it don't start to feel a little better in 4 days of starting the nolva you have bad nolva.

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            Feels a little better today. I pin and do adex tomorrow so I'm hoping it should totally subside by then. I was thinking of adding nolva if it persists for a couple days. Thanks for the help.


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              0.5 mg Adex EOD for sure. You may even have to add more but that would be my first step.
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                HI, bump to .5 eod and stay away from nolva?


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                  If the adex doesn't stop the symptom then definitely use Nolva.
                  All posts are for entertainment and may contain fiction. Consult a doctor before using any medication.