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Gyno while Being 8 months removed from last cycle

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  • Gyno while Being 8 months removed from last cycle

    This is crazy. I am on nothing - not even supplements. Had minor issues in the past with gyno while on and soon after cycle. But this came out of no where. I had A-dex on hand, used small amounts and it helped but it's not completely going away. Also have Exemestane and have now ordered Letro and Nolva.

    Things that could cause it IMO: long-term rebound? Received a cortisone shot last week? Starting doing about an hour of cardio/day - titty bouncing?? Drinking too much - estrogen buildup? From not working out the last few weeks - found out I have a torn labrum, partially torn rotator cuff, and the bone chipped when the shoulder dislocated and tore?

    Background: Had minor gyno issues in the past - very small lump - like half a tic-tac size that went away - though it came and went with AI's; had puffy nips while on cycle that were controlled with Dex in the past. Been fine for a while (though it feels more like it has flattened out than completely gone away). I am heavier than I have been in the past but not too bad - all in the lower stomach. The gyno isn't visible but the fact that I can feel my left nipple a little bit is driving me crazy.

    Thoughts/remedies? Feedback greatly appreciated.

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    Add to the list of possibilities - had a vasectomy the end of November


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      from what i understand, among your list of possible explanations, the 2 main candidates (it's not unlikely that they act togheter) have to be:
      1- estrogen build-up from stress on you liver
      2- inceased body fat which leads to more aromatization

      from what i know, altohugh cortisol can mess with the hpta, i don't think it could raise estrogens to a considerable amount. plus, single one shot administrations of glucocorticoids don't usually give the wide range of side effects common with their long term usage.

      to sum up, rather than try to formulate the best hypothesis about why you're experiencing gyno, you should get your bloodworks done, including your sex hormones full panel and keep using your AIs.

      ...and, of course, stop drinking and try to reduce your body fat!!
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        Thanks for the feedback. Been cutting down on the drinking (definitely doing too much). Funny thing about that is I hadn't had a single drop for almost two weeks when this started.

        Was never "fat" or even close to it - just more than I am used to. Very muddy abs but still visible, veins in my biceps but not in shoulders etc.

        Bloodwork makes a lot of sense. Health insurance bills are killing me recently - just paid over $900 for an MRI my insurance wouldn't cover.

        I think I am going to hit it hard with the Letro till it goes away, then taper down, then use the nolva to mitigate a rebound.


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          Now that I'm think a out it... When I stopped workin out and got fat my gyno got crazy out of hand... Was only on my trt dose but with the not workin out and getting fat it really excelerated it's growth. I got it cut out and have been cuttin the fat on my body. Iv Dropped a out 25lbs most of it fat waist size has come down almost 4". I'm Tryin to get my BF back to a single digit I'm close but not there yet.

          iv really cut back in my drinkin and shit food. IMO get your fat down and it will be Easyer to control.

          WORLD PHARM =