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Anyone run AICAR?

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  • Anyone run AICAR?

    AICAR is much like GW50 in how it works and what it does for you (think endurance in a bottle - professional cyclists love both PEDs). Two big differences between GW50 and AICAR is that AIRCAR is a substance the body already naturally produces and you do not actually have to exercise to get its effects (though the effects are greater if you do). GW50 requires you to exercise for it to work its magic.

    Anyway, has anyone run AICAR? What have you thought of it?

    I am currently running some to see if I like it better than GW50, and so far it appears to be a tie. I am interested in what others have to say.
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    Gw50 ?


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      They are both PPAR Agonists, sold by SARMs companies. GW50 is short for GW-501516. Both of them are endurance enhancement drugs.
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        Most guys are stacking the AICAR with the GW50......Most AICAR is injectable. Sarms Search has an oral version


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          10mg Gw50 stacked with 10mg Aicar is great for fat loss. For endurance I personally like 20mg gw50 ED for at least 2 months.
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            Sounds perfect, I like the 10mg / 10mg combo.
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              I just finished running a stack of AICAR and GW50. It started as just running GW50, then just running AICAR, then running GW50 alone again, then stacking the two. I prefer GW50 over AICAR if run alone, but I find the stack to be the best of them all. AICAR means I get benefit if I do not work out, which removes the stress of having to work out if I just cannot make it (or my neck hurts and I really should just baby it), while GW50 gives me the endurance to actually WANT to work out. A great combo.


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                For those already running bp medication (or even those not), look into Telmisartan.

                Telmisartan = AICAR

                I put it in a general health and longevity category with metformin. Just about anyone benefits.


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                  interesting opinions!
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