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Mk-677 in review

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  • Mk-677 in review

    MK-677 (Nutrobal) In Review

    This molecule, not a SARM but incorrectly grouped with them, is popping up everywhere and it's worth discussing again. It's called MK-677 and it's pictured here. It's actually an oral ghrelin agonist, which in turn acts as a GH secretagogue (stimulates the release of GH), which is really quite remarkable. To clarify, GH is a 191-amino acid peptide and must be taking via injection. When peptides are taken orally, due to the pH of the stomach being so acid, they are quickly hydrolyzed (broken down by water) into an inactive form. This compound was specifically designed to withstand the acidity of the stomach and it does this very well. MK-677 has been shown to work via 4 different mechanisms:

    1) Increasing GHRH
    2) Amplifying the GHRH signal in the brain
    3) Decreasing somatostatin (hormone that turns off GH release)
    4) Inhibits somatostatin signaling

    Early studies show very promising results, with subjects exhibiting increases in GH and IGF-1 levels by as high as 89% after 7 days. This may correlate to increases in lean mass, as well as decreased body fat. The dose in the study was 25mg/d. This really a first in the aim to create an effective oral GH intervention and the results in the studies have been good so far. I’ve been using it myself in conjunction with MK-2866 & GW50, and it is one hell of a stack! As with GH, the longer you take it, the more beneficial it is to you. It can be stacked with any androgen/SARM/DHEA product for max results.

    Those that have tried our sarmssearch MK-677 have ALL had rave reviews about its effectiveness and potency. As are all of our products, you receive what we place on the label…no BS fillers or ineffective compounds which would compromise our integrity as a company and who we believe to be the #1 SARMs company anywhere! We’ve stayed successful and afloat for so long due to our unparalleled customer satisfaction and unmatched quality of ALL our products!
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