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First cycle ever! Nit sure why i waited so long

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  • First cycle ever! Nit sure why i waited so long

    Im currently 6-7 weeks into my first cycle. I got the beginers bulk stack from napsgear (didnt put the whold web address..wasnt sure of that was a violation or some madness)

    it consisted of GP test 250 2x weekly 1ml injections

    Gp methane 10 (dianobol) for the first 4 weeks ad a kick start

    Go anastrasole 0.5mg per day to counter act estrogen

    a little about me before we continue.

    I JUST turned 30

    im 6ft even and 228 (pre cycle) with about %27 bf

    im not proud of my bf % but ive worked hard to get where i am. I supposed to be a fat guy you see. I was 200lbs in THE FIFTH GRADE! So its been an uphill battle to keep the bad weight off. Ive always had an addiction to the gym and decided that i was sick of wasteing money one test products that did nothing.

    this is the first cycle ive ever done, and it wont be the last!

    A friend turned me on to napsgear. Theyre inexpensive, ship name brand products, and have a wealth of information thats easy for a beginer to grasp. I was immidiatley comfortable with them as a company. To add to the comfort the provided pre designed stacks so all i had to do was order.

    I got a little nervouse when it came time to was real...i was about to send money to people i didnt know half way around the world. But then i realized...thats what i was doing when i bought all the other bogus products any way! So i sent it.

    A couple weeks later it all arrived. I benefit from the fact that i work in healthcare and was able to research thr products beforehand. I also knew how to do IM injections..which seems to be the main fear for a lot of first time users.

    The first injection felt like i got punched in thr shoulder for about an hour, then it subsided and i went about 5 days wondering if this was worth it. But when it hit...mother of god! I felt like i could lift a house and eat it contents. It was an amazing feeling.

    The breakdown:

    napsgear ease of use 10/10
    Information 10/10
    Payment process 8/10
    Shipping time 8/10
    Product quality 10/10

    needless to say they have a customer for life.


    i followed the stack as designed, but kept taking a lower dose of thr dianobol for an additional 2 weeks with added milk thistle.

    The injections were easy as i alternated shoulders. I dont really care for other sites


    ive put on 15lbs so far. Thats with still eating a lean diet to minimize fat gain. Ive also added weight to EVERY lift. When i see my self i feel like ive never looked better. Shame it has to end in 4 weeks. But i already have another cycle on the way.


    i havent experienced the dreaded (and fake) roid rage. What i have noticed is the emotional lows are a little lower and the highs are exponentially higher.

    While taking the dianobol as designed, i got random POWERFUL erections. Never painful and they would reduce on their own with out my interaction, so nothing medically concerning.

    My testicles may have decreased a little, but its not noticable to me or my wife.

    Acne...i have a small return of some acne. But regular post gym cold showers have helped. Cold showers close your poors after theyre clean and reduce the rate of buildup..which precipitates acne.


    GAINS BABY! Im more muscular than ever.

    Sex drive is through the roof, my wife can barely keep up. But she hasnt complained once yet.

    Cost is low compared to the results.

    The pre designed stack really gave me confidence in the process and has helped me into the whole world of chem enhancement.

    End result:

    i will be doing another after a 4-5 week pct/cut. I cant wait to see where this takes me!

    I did this from my phone so it ls being a bear about uploading any pictures/videos. Ill try to soon.

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    Great! Upload progress pics soon

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