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Im back

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  • Im back

    It's been a few years, a botched surgery got me a colostomy ( and 6 mo. with an ileostomy one too ) bag for a couple of years and the resulting 4 surgeries to repair surgical hernias had kept me from the gym for nearly 3 years. when I came back I could hardly bench 150 and 10 lb. dumbells were all I could kickback and the burn would last for days, hah! I kept at it slow but deliberate due to me being closer to 50 than 30 and now after 20 months I am nearing my pre 2011 lifts. I had a hard time reading the forums knowing I could not train so I left the scene but it is good to see many did not Heavy, Drew, lil mama are still kickin ass giving the same advice I soaked up moons ago. I did not see GFR or pantera but I have not searched many of the posts. I look forward to chatting again and getting HUGE!
    "Of course I can lift it"

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    Welcome back. That's a crazy story and sounds horrible.
    Lift heavy and eat lots of dead animals! Yes, that's me in my avatar.


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      yup sucked bad
      "Of course I can lift it"


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        Welcome back and keep KILLING it!
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