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China banning production of gear

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  • China banning production of gear

    This forum is extremely slow to say the least it used to be one of the most active on the board. I say let's get it going again. It could be very useful in the coming days especially with the recent events in China

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    They are banning Sarms but not sure if it will last past the Olympics or not.
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      They banned all production of HGH during the 2008 olympics held in China. But afterwards the production took off and huge amounts were produced. Lately the ":suppliers" have opened warehouses of all kinds of drugs in the USA. They must be getting the stuff though in the container ships. There is always the danger of poison being put into the Chinese made drugs. They have a long history of this.
      The most famous one was reported on the PBS show Frontline. A small Chinese manufacturer produced a 20 gal. barrel of cough medicine. However he was missing a key ingredient. So he put ethelene glycol (antifreeze) in it. It went to Spain then to Panama, where medicine is free to the poor. Over a hundred people died before they found the source of the problem. The Chinese Govt. shut the manuf. down, but 3 months later he opened in a different location. No criminal action was taken against him by the Chinese.
      There is an old saying "caveat emptor" let the buyer beware.
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