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relatively comprehensive training log of a 6'8 man on trt

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  • relatively comprehensive training log of a 6'8 man on trt

    I tried blasting just recently, as many of you may have seen, but the abuse of orals led me down a path of extreme catabolism, I vomited everything


    Also, im trying a new "old school" training style, none of this 3-4 exercises 3 sets each 40-45 minute workout nonsense, I'm stepping back to the 70s and doing what a lot of you would consider "overtraining" amounts of volume, probably 6-8 exercises of 3-4 sets each (per bodypart) with tons of drop sets.
    Volume and calories for mass!

    Here's a log of my trt progress, relying solely on test and peptides

    Day 1- 235, 6'8. Guessing approx 14%

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    You're 6'8, holy fuck! How tall is your girl?

    how old are you?


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        Originally posted by PSYCHOPATH View Post
        You're 6'8, holy fuck! How tall is your girl?

        how old are you?
        I'm 25.
        Girl I'm seeing now is 5'4..tallest I ever was serious with 5'6.
        Usually 5'1-5'3.


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          Did arms today, did 4 bi movements and 5 tri, 3 heavy sets of
          10-15 reps and finished every movement with a huge drop set
          Massive volume. Trying that "time under tension" approach while still going as heavy as I can

          We'll see how this training style treats me

          Weight- 238. Vascular as ever. Pencil thick veins everywhere, wimmen be droolin and haters be hatin'

          Gonna eat at least 6 double cheeseburgers today..
          Mcdonalds for mass


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            Chest today
            Went balls out

            Incline bb 1x20, 1x15, 1x12, 1x8 drop x6 drop x8 fail
            Flat bb 4x10-12
            Neutral grip press machine, 3x roughly 15, and a triple drop to finish
            Weighed dips, 3 sets of about 12, then a double drop set
            Flat flies 4x 12-15 minimal rest
            Cable flies 4-5 sets of 12-15, minimal rest
            15 min cardio
            15 min sauna (acne control)


            Feelin pumped
            Gonna keep this rep range and volume up for a while, see how I respond


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              I need accelerate my mass gains.
              Meal 1- 9am (pwo) 70g malto/60g whey
              Meal 2- 11am- 7 whole eggs, 1 cup oats with raisins, 1 cup whole milk
              Meal 3- 230- approx 10 oz steak and 10 oz potato
              Meal 4- 530- 2cups brown rice, 8 oz beef, chips and salsa
              Meal 5- 830- 8oz Greek yogurt, 1.5 scoop whey, glob of natty pb, apple
              Meal 6- prebed, approx 11- 3 cups whole milk, 1 scoop casein, 3 eggs, glob of pb.

              I need to accelerate my mass gains and I suspect this will do it


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                Plan b.

                Doing a Yates training approach, actually doing his exact "blood and guts" workout for 6 weeks


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                  I change my plans and goals nearly every day

                  Did my first HIT Yates workout today. Back, this hit stuff is no joke..
                  Spotter is mandatory, basically would do, say for my close grip pulldowns, find my 8 rep max, fail at 8, then do partials til failure, then have spotter force a few and do negatives
                  Until i couldn't control it anymore..
                  Full reps? Fail
                  Partials? Fail
                  Negatives? Fail
                  That's 1 set

                  Nearly puked after workout..was miserable


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                    10-26-11 was 224-225
                    11-21-11 was 246

                    Weight is coming on very fast, added 1.25 inches to my arms in just a few weeks..
                    Gonna keep it going til the gains slow down or a quick 10 day run of DNP to get rid of any excess fat gained during bulk. Then get back in and gain again

                    All I'm taking now is trt dose test and 50mcg igf des1,3 pre workout on training days, doing the Yates HIT program

                    Feelin great


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                      I've seen such fast increases in my mass, ever, even including the days I used to abuse everything
                      TRT test
                      25mcg bilateral igf DES
                      HIT training.
                      gross calorie surplus
                      Actual hit, today did delts and tris, last exercise was seated overhead db tricep press, by the time I hit my 8-9 reps and failed I had my spotter force a few, by the 12th rep I don't even think I was contributing even 5% to the lift, I was shaking and trembling and dying, then I did anoter rep

                      True HIT is fucking amazing, I've never tried it before and now I love it


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                        10-26-11 224 lbs
                        12-03-11 255 lbs

                        HIT + calorie surplus + test + igf DES 1,3
                        Gonna try 5 days of 200mcg a day. See what happens.
                        Then back down to like 50.


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                          10-26- 224 lbs
                          12-13 263 lbs

                          Started on Sunday with a much cleaner diet, been doing something like:
                          50g malto pre
                          100g malto/65g whey post
                          Steak brown rice
                          Chicken brown rice
                          Steak yam
                          Greek yogurt natty pb whey and fruit
                          Whole milk whey fruit pb
                          Massive portions though, approx 10-12 oz meat per meal and 100g worth of carbs per

                          Strength going up every workout, big time


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                            Did back this morning.
                            HIT wins.
                            Db pullovers (for lats)- 120 x 8, 2 forced reps up to 10
                            Close grip pulldowns- 210 x 11 and bunch of partials
                            Db row (keep in mind, this is after 2 heavy exercises already with only 1 minute rest)- 110 x 8, few breaths, then just rest paused my way to 12 per arm
                            Wide grip seated cable row- don't know weight, but definitely failed.
                            Couldn't do deads today, back was upset.

                            That 120 pullover I was impressed with myself