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Tasting The Ester!!

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  • Tasting The Ester!!

    I've heard that you can taste your gear to see if its real or fake... If its fake there's is no bite and if its fake it tastes like plain old oil.. Any truth to this statement???

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    Yeah and if you drink it, it works faster also.
    "Anyone can speak english when in might get you a little strange lol"


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      Originally posted by Pitbull3744 View Post
      Yeah and if you drink it, it works faster also.
      Yup, way faster
      Most pros drink a vial a day


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        to the op yes this is a true statement but.... you have to be a trained qualified taste tester. i happen to be and if you have any gear you need tested pm me and i give you a shipping adress to send all the gear you need tested.