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Halo Extreme & Deca-Drol Max 4 week Log

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  • Halo Extreme & Deca-Drol Max 4 week Log

    My order of IML's Halo Extreme and Deca-Drol Max just arrived and I am planning on running these supps for the next 4 weeks. I will be takng 2 Halo Extreme pills per day and 3 Deca-Drol pills per day as suggested on the bottle.

    Currently I am lean bulking after finishing the competition season at the end of October. Contest weight was 190lbs at 6'1". I am currently hovering between 205-215lbs and I bf% is in the 8-10% range. I will keep a log of my training, bodyweight and any significant information that I feel is pertinent to the log as well as my own feedback on the products. I will also be posting progress photos and possibly some training video clips as well. I have used IML's Super DMZ product on 2 previous occasions (during my last 2 preps) and loved the results. We'll see how this compares.

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    Looking forward to the feedback...have fun homie


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      Hell yea!


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        Awesome! I will be following along.
        All posts are for entertainment and may contain fiction. Consult a doctor before using any medication.


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          So I took the first full day doses of the products today and definitely noticed some added agression. I also got a new PR on the hack sled. Full review of todays leg session and tomorrow's arm session on Monday...


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            Friday recap:

            12/2 Legs
            AM BW: 210.4lbs
            AM Cardio 50 minutes brisk walking/4miles

            Quad Extension Warm-up
            100 x 20 x 3

            Hack Sled shoulder width stance, toes out, ATG reps
            135 x 10
            115 x 10
            315 x 10
            405 x 10
            455 x 8 I believe this is a PR for me on this particular sled. This is a "heavy" hack sled.

            Quad Extension
            150 x 5 regular x 5 paused x 5 regular
            180 x same ^
            200 x same ^ Saw Phil Heath training John Delarosa in this fashion and I've started incorporating into a lot of my lifts, much more difficult then just moving the weights.

            Prone Leg Curl
            100 x 15
            120 x 12
            140 x 10
            160 x 8

            135 x 10
            225 x 10
            275 x 8
            295 x 8

            Seated Plate Loaded Calf Raise
            45 x 25
            90 x 15
            135 x 5 R x 5 P x 5 R
            180 x 4 R x 4 P x 4 R
            225 x 10
            90 x 15

            Cybex Calf Sled
            180 x 15
            270 x 15
            270 x 15


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              12/3 Arms
              Didn't weigh-in
              No Cardio today

              Face Pull Warm-up
              25 x 15 x 3

              Bar x 30
              135 x 15
              225 x 10
              315 x 8
              295 x 10
              275 x 10

              Lying DB Extensions (both arms simultaneously)
              35 x 5 Regular x 5 Paused at bottom x 5 Regular
              45 x same ^^^
              50 x 5 R x 5 P

              Single Arm Overhead DB Extension
              35 x 5 R x 5 P x 5 R
              35 x same ^^^

              FST-7 Cable Kickbacks (heavy cables)
              5 x 15
              5 x 12
              5 x 10
              5 x 10
              10 x 10
              10 x 10
              10 x 10

              Life Fitness pin loaded Tricep Press
              200 x 25
              200 x 5 R X 5 P x 5 R x 5 P

              Alternating DB Curl Warm-ups
              30 x 20
              35 x 20

              EZ -Curl using outer grips
              Bar x 15
              75 x 10
              95 x 10
              115 x 10
              125 x 10

              Seated Alternating DB Curl w/ supination
              30 x 20
              35 x 20
              40 x 20

              Barbell Spider Curl off back of incline bench
              50 x 15
              50 x 12
              50 x 10

              Alternating DB Curl
              60 x 18
              70 x 16
              80 x 12

              FST-7 Single Arm Cable Curl
              10 x 15
              20 x 15
              20 x 12
              20 x 10
              30 x 10
              30 x 10
              40 x 10


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                I am on day 4 of 30 and a few notes...

                I definitely feel "tighter" and have gained a couple pounds. I will have a better idea as the week progresses on whether the weight gain was from the products or just from my typical weekend gain. My BW typically shoots up 5-7lbs over the weekend and then from mon-friday it comes back down to my average weight. I have cut back my carbs to about 150g/day for this week because I do not want to get soft anywhere and also want to keep my bf% below 10%. I was in the 200-250 grams of carbs range since starting my off-season diet at the beginning of November.

                Regarding the Halo/Deca-drol... I noticed some added aggression both in and outside of the gym which started to showe as early as friday afternoon during my leg session. I nailed a PR on the hack sled and will be training legs again today. Can't wait to see if my pressing strength continues to increase tomorrow when I train chest.

                Current split is as follows just in case any of you are wondering:

                M-AM cardio, Legs, PM cardio optional
                T -AM cardio, Chest/forearms, PM cardio
                W- AM cardio, Back/Traps, PM cardio
                TH - AM cardio, Delts/abs, PM cardio
                F- AM cardio, Leg session #2, PM cardio optional
                S - Arms/forearms, cardio optional
                Sun - OFF


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                  Knees were feeling a little iffy yesterday..wondering if the hack sled is beating them up a little too much, despite using wraps. I also know that the absence of joint supps is also playing a role...took me some time to get warmed up but had a solid leg session.

                  BW is steadily increasing despite me cutting back my macro calorie and carb intake. I attribute this to the HALO and's the only thing it could be. I am up about 5lbs from last week's average BW. Can't wait to see how my pressing strength is tonight when I train chest.

                  12/5/11 Legs
                  AM BW: 215.6lbs
                  AM Cardio: 4 miles brisk walking/50 minutes time

                  Quad Extension Warm-ups
                  100 x 20 x 3

                  Barbell Back Squats, wide stance/toes out, as low as I can go
                  135 x 10
                  185 x 10
                  205 x 10
                  225 x 10

                  Note on depth: This is the absolute lowest i can go without fear of toppling over. Even squatting with no weight, the entire movement just feels extremely awkward, always has always will. My body structure will simply not allow me to go any lower but i will continue to work on my technique. Regardless, my legs were toast after the 4 sets of squats. I know in a few weeks I will be repping 315 x 10 with relative ease, just want to make sure I can keep my form. Any suggestions/advice (tJoe) are greatly appreciated.

                  Life Fitness Pin Loaded Leg Press, narrow stance/toes out
                  250 x 15
                  350 x 12
                  450 x 10

                  Seated Ham Curls
                  100 x 5 Regular x 5 Paused x 5 Regular
                  120 x same ^^^
                  140 x 4 R x 4 P x 4 R
                  160 x 3 R x 4 P x 3 R

                  Barbell Elevated Alternating Lunges
                  Bar x 20
                  95 x 18
                  115 x 16
                  135 x 12

                  Pin Loaded Standing Calf Raise Warmup
                  100 x 15
                  130 x 12
                  150 x 10 (stack)

                  Cybex Calf Sled
                  270 x 5 R x 5 P x 5 R
                  270 x same
                  270 x same

                  No PM Cardio
                  PM BW: 218lbs


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                    Great leg session, squats look great but I think if you go with a wider stance you can get lower. still keeping the toes slightly pointed out, just play around with it.

                    BTW, great weights on the squats considering all yoru time away


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                      Originally posted by MURDERBEAST View Post
                      Great leg session, squats look great but I think if you go with a wider stance you can get lower. still keeping the toes slightly pointed out, just play around with it.

                      BTW, great weights on the squats considering all yoru time away
                      Thanks dude..definitely could have gone heavier but taking things nice and slow. Would love to be able to bang out reps with 400+ again at some point but I'd rather train for bodybuilding/hypertrophy purposes as opposed to strength/powerlifting.


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                        Barely slept last night thanks to the pain/aching/discomfort in my right shoulder/delt cap. It was a complete bitch during my entire chest session and then it paid me back 10 fold when I went to bed. No matter which position I layed in, the fucker ached and ached and it got to the point I could barely lift my arm. Mind you I took 2 Extra Strength Tylenol, 1 Advil and lathered up on the Icy Hot and still fucking hurt! Figures this shit cranks up the pain intensity now that I am 5 days into my Halo Extreme/Deca-drol cycle. I will stay on the cycle as planned for 4 weeks but I am going to have to make some changes to my chest and delt days to let this fucking thing heal. I need my sleep and this pain is nto allowing me any peace at night....

                        12/6/11 Chest
                        AM BW: 215.4lbs
                        NO AM Cardio - raining outside

                        Barbell Bench Press
                        Bar x 30 + face pulls 50 x 15
                        135 x 15 + face pulls 50 x 15
                        225 x 10 + face pulls 50 x 15
                        315 x 7 (I had no spotter and didn't want to risk missing the 8th rep)
                        325 x 7
                        335 x 5 (wanted at least 6 but shoulder was killing me)
                        295 x 7 (wanted 8, same story)
                        275 x 10

                        Incline Barbell Press (shoulder was finally warmed up, had no pain during these sets)
                        135 x 10
                        185 x 10
                        205 x 10
                        225 x 8

                        FST-7 Most Muscular Cable Flye
                        50 x 15
                        50 x 12
                        50 x 10
                        50 x 10
                        50 x 10
                        50 x 10
                        50 x 10

                        I was pressed for time so I skipped doing forearms

                        Eliptical 15 minutes averaging 85-90RPM
                        PM BW: 217.5lbs


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                          Note on HALO/Deca-drol: Day 5 of 30 completed yesterday. Weight continues to rise slightly, average BW is sticking around the 215 mark upon waking in the morning. Muscles feel "fuller" and I see some slight water retention in the torso area but remaining fairly vascular throuhgout my chest/delt/arms/forearms and quad/calves areas. Despite the issues with my shoulder, pressing strength seems to be getting better but is definitely being held back by my injury. Training back this evening will be tricky because I will have to refrain from any movement that puts strain on my rear delt head where the pain is coming from.


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                            damn dude, that shoulder issues will not go away!

                            if I'm not mistaken, don't the muscles in the rear delt wrap around to form some of the muscle group that is your rotator cuff?



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                              watch these videos, they helped my squat a TON.

                              My Journal: