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  • cycle suggestions

    Hey guys,
    New to posting here but have read tons of the forums and gotten lots of info

    planning out my next cycle for a bulk before my first show

    wk 1-15 - 500 test E
    wk 1-4 - 40mg dbol
    wk 5-15 - 400 tren E
    wk1-16 - .5 adex daily


    What do you guys think?
    Does this look solid?
    ive been lifting for a little over 6 years now
    im currently finishing up a 15 wk test/deca/dbol/winstrol cycle and loving it.
    ----added in 40mg winstrol to the last 4 weeks to hardin up a little.

    Might bump the Test to 750 from week 5 on or run it at 750 the whole time
    it will be my first time running Tren
    Im looking for a leaner bulk before my first show I will be in


    20 / 222lb / just got bf tested at 9%
    This will be my 4th cycle 3rd including injectables
    I know Im young but I have big goals and have always but my diet and training first, before supplementation of any kind.

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    i would bump up the test to 750 but thats just my opinion.
    the biggest response you are going to get is about the tren.
    i am currently running tren ace, it is my first time with tren as well. so i can't really give you personal experience input, but starting at 400mg week is pretty high according to most. most will say to start at 200mg per week and see how you respond. some respond well and some have terrible sides, and i mean terrible. but most don't.
    the problem is if you start at 400mg with tren enanthate it being a slow ester once the sides hit you (if they do) you will have a couple more weeks to deal with them before that slow ester is out of your system. so if you can run acetate, if not start slow (200mg) and give it at least a couple of weeks to see how you react.
    just my .02
    you are pretty young, but hey whatever man. your call i won't be a dick like some on here. i'll also give you advice without saying things like "post pics first".
    good luck to ya.
    The nation which forgets its defenders will be itself forgotten


    • #3
      I like tren better ofr leaning out to tell you the truth but you can put size on with the shit don't get me wrong. More of a recomp, cutting drug for me.

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        At 20 years old you should be running twice those doses plus using GH and slin.


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          This^^ but you forgot synthol

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            should prami/cabergoline be run in this cycle? what dosing protocol should be used for either ancillary? Im actually gettting ready to run a similar cycle here in a couple weeks