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    53 days in and the weightloss has slown down. So has my drive and diet. Need some form of motivation.
    Weights sitting where i started at. Gained new muscle? Lost fat? Sounds like it. Needs a new belt plus new jeans!
    Maybe after this post il start eating cleaner and wont miss meals!
    Day off today.
    Lets start tomorrow with training back with deadlifts!
    Wheres that motivation! Gna have to dig deep!


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      since day 54 iv been taking
      ghrp2 - 200mcg
      modgrf1-29 - 100mcg
      once a day

      I cant be feeling sleepy always. I think I let my calories drop abit too low so I was seeing a loss in muscle mass
      I am on no test at the moment, pct, so that can be a reason why my drives down, i havent experienced it this badly

      i beat my pr of 220kgs for 6 reps on deadlifts.... yay lol
      so back to my pct
      100mgs of clomid
      20mg nolva

      once my pct is over in another two weeks il drop the peps and get fat lol

      maybe take time to just enjoy training and life?
      just off time makes you feel healthy.
      my weight is at 206lbs
      feeling healthy now
      cant stand being sleepy, with sore hands and all
      been a good blog

      bigal, i appologize for my meltdown... i hope no respect was lost.
      its just a board but i was at fault!