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STM Anavar Only Cycle Daily Journal Input

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  • STM Anavar Only Cycle Daily Journal Input

    Ill try to post as much info as I can. I would like to keep daily events such as lifts and things I have noticed in hopes I can get some solid feedback. I always read that var should be ran with test but I have been going over what to do for the last few years and I will not be running any test during this cycle. I will post my training split and lifts daily.

    28 Years Old
    BF? Maybe high teens. Kinda chubby.
    Endomorphic (I can look at a cheeseburger and gain weight)

    I am currently following a keto type diet. 6 days on, carb up Sunday:

    Meal 1 - 3 whole omega-3 eggs and 8 egg whites (sometimes as omlete with onion)

    Meal 2 - 35g isolate whey protein and 2 tbls natty peanut butter (5g glutamine)

    Meal 3 - 8oz chicken breast with cup of veggies and 1/4 cup cashews

    Meal 4 - Same as Meal 2

    Preworkout - 1 scoop 1MR and 10g BCAA

    Postworkout - 50g isolate protein, 10g BCAA and 10g glutamine

    Meal 5 - 8-10oz top sirloin (fat trimmed) with 1 cup veggies

    Meal 6 - same as meal 1

    Supps being used not listed in meals:
    Chromium Pic

    Training Split:

    Monday -Back
    Tuesday - Chest
    Wednesday - Bis
    Thursday - Tris
    Friday - Legs
    Saturday - Shoulders

    Depending how im feeling I may combine arms on thursdays and use wednesday as a second rest day. I currently do 60 min of low rate (walking on incline, 130bpm) cardio a day split into 2 sessions. One is first in morning and another before weights because i like to be warm when I start lifting. Starting in May I will be doing 45min each session.

    One thing I wanted to point out is I started bring my weight down slowly from 222 to 195 over the last few months and I am ready to get started. Sunday was my carb up day which this post is reflecting, I started my first dose of Anavar sunday. I am doing 80mg/day split into 2 servings of 40mg.

    As today is already wednesday I will post events from the last few days as replies.

    Please feel free to comment guys I love constructive criticism. However if your going to flame, please leave some advice!

    Ill Start the next reply with monday.

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    Monday - Back Day

    Weighted Pullups - 12x10x8x6 - Unweighted, 5, 10, 15
    Weighted Chinups - 12x10x8x6 - Unweighted, 5, 10,15
    Behind the neck Wide Grip Pulldown - 12x10x8 - 110,130,150
    Seated Cable Row - 12x10x6x6 - 140,160,180,180
    Weighted Back Extensions - 4x12 - 25lbs

    The only thing I noticed monday was a ridiculous back pump.


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      Tuesday - Chest Day

      Incline Dumbell Press - 15x12x10x7x6 - 40,80,80,100,100
      Weighted Dips - 15x12x10x8x6 - Unweighted, 25, 45, 70, 90
      Incline Flys - 12x10x8x6 - 40,50,60,70
      Seated Machine Flys - 12x10x8x8 - 80,100,120,140

      Trained at 4pm. Something I noticed right before bed 10pm....very very dizzy. Was weird. Hadnt gone away by morning but seemed to clear up during wednesday morning before cardio. Ideas?


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        Wednesday - Bis

        Barbell Curls - 12x10x8x6 - 60,70,80,100
        Alternating Dumbell Curls - 12x10x6x6 - 20,30,40,40
        EZ Bar Preacher Curls - 12x8x6 - 50,60,60
        The Train - 4x30 - 10x10,15x10,20x10 pyramiding up for 30 reps each set

        The dizziness from last night is gone. Crazy bicep pump today, couldnt even finish the preachers! My arms still hurt 3 hours later!


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          Thursday - Tris

          Incline Close Grip Bench Press - 15x12x10x6x5 - 95,115,135,155,155
          Weighted Tricep Dips - 15x12x10x8x6x6 - Unweighted, 25,45, 70, 70
          Single Handed Cable Pressdowns (Rope) 8x8x8x6 - 25 each time
          Bodyweight Bench Dips - 4x25 reps

          Took a while to get a pump going today but once it was there it was great. Bis still hurt from yesterday.


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            Friday - Legs

            Seated Leg Extensions - 4x10 - 110,120,130,140
            Walking Lunges - 4x30 - 3lbs in each hand bahahaha.
            Hack Squat - 4x20 - Unweighted (either im a pussy or that machine is super heavy!)
            Fire Hydrants - 4x20
            Standing Calf Raises - 4x10 - 100
            Seated Calf Raises - 10x8x7x7 - 70

            I was hoping for really good calf pump today and I never really got it, I wonder if its due to the lack of carbs in my diet? Going to weigh in tomorrow morning.


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              Saturday - Shoulders

              Dumbell Shoulder Press 12x10x8x5 - 50,60,70,80
              Leaning Lateral Raises 12x10x8x6 - 20,25,30,35
              Arnold Presses 12x10x6x5 - 25,35,45,45
              Bent Over Cable Lateral Raise - 12x10x6 - 10,20,30

              On my weigh in this morning I actually gained some weight. But in my cloths I am definitely leaner in the midsection. Lil more vascular than normal but nothing crazy. Weight was 197.6 this morning.


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                Monday - Back

                Weighted Pullups 12x10x8x6 - Unweighted, unweighted, 10, 20
                Chinups - 4x8
                Behind the neck Cable Pulldown - 12x10x5 - 110,130,160
                Seated Cable Row - 12x10x8x6 - 140,160,180,200
                Weighted Back Extension - 4x12 - 25


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                  Tuesday - Chest

                  Probably one of the strongest chest days I have had. Although I was very pressed for time. Gym is on summer hours.

                  Incline dumbell press - 15x12x10x8x6 - 40,80,90,100,110
                  Weighted Dips 12x12x8x5 - Unweighted,45,70,90
                  Incline Dumbell Flys - 12x8x5 - 45,55,65
                  Cable Crossovers - 12x8x6 - 50,60,70


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                    Do you start a PCT after your cycle?


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                      Originally posted by Caesar View Post
                      Do you start a PCT after your cycle?
                      I am thinking 50mg clomid ED for 21 days. Ideas?


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                        Wednesday - Bis

                        EZ Curl Bar Barbell Curls - 15x12x10x8x3 - Bar,70,80,100,120
                        Alternating Dumbell Curls - 12x10x8x4 - 20,30,40,50
                        Preacher Curls - 12x10x8x4 - 50,60,70,80
                        The Train - 30x27,24,23 - 15,20,25 Pyramiding up.


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                          Thursday - Tris

                          Incline Close Grip Barbell Bench Press - 15x12x10x8x6 - Bar,115,135,155,155
                          Weighted Dips - 15x12x10x8x6 - Unweighted,25,45,70,90
                          One Handed Rope Press Downs - 12x10x8x5 - 30,40,50,60 (light stack)
                          Bodyweight Bench Dips - 30x3,23x1 - Unweighted

                          Saw a nice increase in strength with weighted dips today!


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                            Friday - Legs

                            Was at a different gym today so I had to change up my routine a bit

                            Leg Press - 20x20x20x20x12x6 - 2,3,4,5,6,7 (plates a side)
                            Leg Extension - 12x10x8x5 - 120,130,140,150
                            Walking Lunges - 25x25x20x16 - 5lb dumbells each hand
                            Seated Calf Raises - 10x10x10x10x8x8 - 70
                            Standing One Leg Calf Raise - 10x4 - Unweighted

                            Was very rush through my classes today was having a hard time getting all my fats in. I noticed a big difference in not getting a good leg pump. Not to mention being 5th day without carbs.


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                              Do you notice anything different in your body composition? Less fat plus not losing any muscle? Or still losing ?