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First Prohormone Log - Dewman/Trenavar

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  • First Prohormone Log - Dewman/Trenavar

    Okay, if this is not the correct place, I ask the admin(s) to move it to the appropriate place - Thank you.

    At 41 I have decided to try my first LOW DOSE run of a prohormones. This will start low dose as it is my first run... it may increase as I go

    Thanks in advance to Rockoid for all the great advice!

    Here is where I am.

    Over the past several years I have tried a bunch of different supps, from powders to MYO-T12. Through this forum I have gotten nothing but great advice and I love this place for that!
    I am not a body builder, nor would I lump myself in with those guys & gals on here that have such great dedication and drive to do what it take to "body build"

    I have always been VERY small boned (not my third leg and unable to put on a lot of muscle. (Even as a young guy in football, baseball etc)

    I did get into lifting correctly (thanks to this forum) for a while and put about 30lbs of muscle on a couple of years ago. I ended up injuring myself and not only getting tennis elbow in both arms, but I blew out my back and right elbow. Because of that I had to stop lifting for a while and started P90X. This has been my bane. I re-injured my elbow doing it, and seriously hurt my Sciatic Nerve so bad I couldn't even tie my shoes for a month. Took 9 months to recover from that, and I have had 2 relapses. (What a drag it is getting ooooooold)... if you recognize that... you are dating yourself!

    I started lifting again and bulking again (if I can borrow the term), about 4 months ago. Nothing hard, just to get back into a shape where I can try to make progress again.
    I will start by listing what I take normally anyway, then where I am going. I will be taking measurements and doing body fat as well with calipers. I will also include pictures. KEEP IN MIND, I live in a town of less than 5,000 people and the only gym within 30 mins is a Curves. I tried and they wont let me in So this is a home gym only log. I do have some equipment, and should have a rack shortly... in the mean time, I found a way to use my nautilus machine for squats.... moving on.

    When I get rolling here (and I am gearing up), I will be taking in:
    Approx 230-280g of protein per day mostly from meat.
    Approx 2,800-3,500+ calories, mostly clean over about 8+ meals per day. ( i will take a picture of my freezers

    What I take normally. ( I am a big believer in vitamins & Vit C... not sure

    1 Multivitamin 2X per day
    3,000 mg of Vitamin C 2X per day
    1 1,200 mg of Fish Oil 3,6,9 2X per day
    600mg of St. John's Wort 2X per day

    I have started taking in preparation for this last wednesday:
    1,000mg Thistle Milk 2X per day
    160mg Saw Palmetto 2X per day
    Started using Nizoral AD every other day

    What I plan to take starting Wednesday for 6 weeks:

    All of the above
    10mg Trenavar 2X per day
    MYO-T12 1 X per day (I have some left over!
    Organ Shield 1 cap every time I take Trenavar
    25 mg Erase every time I take Trenavar
    I will add 20mg Epistane in 2 weeks 2X per day
    I may add Ultra Cissus if my joints start to hurt.

    PCT will be 12 weeks:
    Titanium XL 2 caps 2X per day
    Organ Shield 2 caps 2X per day
    25mg Erase 2X per day
    20mg Epistane 2X per day
    4 weeks Saw palmetto
    DHEA 100mg once per day
    Any left over MYO-T12

    I will be getting at least 8 hours of sleep daily.
    I will be doing P90X in the AM 6 days per week (but not their lifting discs, just Plyo, Kempo, Stretching, Yoga etc
    Around 6pm I will be lifting (I feel better working out in the evening than the am... no idea why, prolly cuz I dont wake up completely until mid

    I will start a food log as I go (I have some powders as well I will add to the food log), and a work-out log as well here. So people can see what I am eating/doing
    Measurements & first photos will be taken Wednesday when I start the Trenavar.

    Again, This is my first run so I am being very cautious. I am starting low dose, we will take it from there.

    My goals? I am not sure what to expect... through diet & all of this, I would like to see my abs after all of this... I also would like to be a lean 180lbs or so... (I know, but at 5'7" and having been 140 my whole life, I got to 178 at 12% BF last time I did a log). I am sure my body fat is up there... almost scared to take I would like to add about 10-20lbs of muscle (retained) from this. But I will be happy to get through it all uninjured if I am being honest.

    Well, that is it for now. More to come next Wednesday! wish me luck!
    Last edited by Dewman; July 27, 2012, 12:19 PM.

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    Everything looks awesome, except for the epi in your PCT. Good luck with your goals.


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      Welcome to the MD Member's Training Journal Section. Myself along with The Joker and AustinBicep are your forum leaders. Let us know if you need anything and looking forward to following your log. Please also check out fellow members logs and feel free to comment when you can.


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        Originally posted by Canucklehead View Post
        Everything looks awesome, except for the epi in your PCT. Good luck with your goals.
        Again, my knowledge is very minimal in all of this... should I not to the Epistane in PCT?... I think I was advised to stop it a week after the Trenavar... but I cant remember? I can fix that if it should only be a cycle thing? THANK YOU!


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          SVT03DAL, Thank you!
          I have been running through logs for a bit, & plan to the whole time as it is a great way to pick up tips & tricks!


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            Originally posted by Dewman View Post
            Again, my knowledge is very minimal in all of this... should I not to the Epistane in PCT?... I think I was advised to stop it a week after the Trenavar... but I cant remember? I can fix that if it should only be a cycle thing? THANK YOU!
            Epistane is a PH/DS as well, which will interfere with your recovery in PCT.


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              Noted, & that you for the advice... i will cut it now from the PCT. (This is why I love this place!!!)
              Advice always welcome & thanks for saving me some issues!


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                Could be an interesting log ?!


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                  yea dont run epi during pct,u wont recover, Good luck i'll be following!


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                    Hey Man. Welcome to the Section.
                    Not Everything. Not Yet.


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                      Thanks everyone! did my P90X yesterday & today... am preping meals for the next week or so. Will be cooking a couple of chickens and a butchering and cooking up a 2 foot pork loin.
                      Going to try to hit that 2gram per pound mark as quickly as possible... the eating is the hardest part for me, but if I can do that, the rest will hopefully take care of itself.

                      Joker! I was reading your log yesterday!


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                        It's great, isn't it?
                        Not Everything. Not Yet.


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                          I tell you, if I am being honest, I stopped reading anyone's posts but yours about 75 pages in... I am about 160 pages in now. Seems there's some other stuff going on the more I go, so I have just started skipping everything except your entries.... which yes, are really good. I am really trying to tweak my workouts and it is helping! Keep up the great work!


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                            Okay... prepping for Tuesday/Wednesday.

                            I stocked up on some meat. About 90lbs of chicken, 75lbs of unbutchered pork loin & buts, 6 St Louis cut rib racks (as a treat when things get rough), (16) 12lb eye round roasts equaling almost 200lbs of beef.
                            A few other things like 6 dozen eggs, Casein, Creatine, 100% gold standard Whey (tropical punch!), Some NytroWhey to add flavor to plain whole Oatmeal... which I get 6 canisters of, & 4lbs of green tea (gunpowder).

                            I cooked up 2 whole chickens today in the oven, then pulled all the skin, fat and bones out of it. Got just under 10lbs

                            Then I cut up 10 Jalapenos & one large white sweet onion and fried them in a skillet until they were soft. I butchered a whole pork loin that gave me 9 1 1/2 to 2 inch thick pork loin chops weighing around 1lb each after cooking. I cut them down the middle, stuffed some onions & Jalapeno inside, put some of my Thyme rub on them, then cooked them out on the grill!

                            When I get through this, I will half & cut a roast and add it to my shelf for meat in the fridge.
                            I picked up about 8lbs of fresh veggies from a farm stand here in NH for salads etc (with no dressing) to help pass this meat

                            Tomorrow I clean the weight room, work on my first playlist for the first month, do some plyo, & start planning out my 7-10 meals per day.
                            I also picked up 20lbs of raw shelled almonds for snacks... sometimes I need to much and they are great for that.

                            That's all for today... check in tomorrow!


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                              Whoa, It's Dewman 2.0 lol!

                              Welcome back.

                              Yes, the gang caught the Epi. It was intended as a part of the stack in the run, not a PCT.