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First Prohormone Log - Dewman/Trenavar

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    Yeah, the Epi was my mistake... I wasnt thinking when I added it to PCT. I wont have it for another 10 days or so as it is out of stock so I have to wait a bit.

    Going to add some Kre-Alkalyn EFX as well I think. Regular Creatine gives me respiratory problems (like it's made out of cat hair or that feels like an asthma attack... so I cant take more than 2.5 grams at a time, maybe this will go over better!

    Going to start my run tomorrow morning! more to follow shortly!


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      Last thing for today... got my prohormones & supps in!
      I am actually going to start with 30mg per day of the trenavar and see where I am in 10 days or so. So I need to go out and find some empty gelcaps tomorrow... or something that I can empty on the cheap and use the

      Here is my fun stuff! Start in the AM with some Plyo, then lifting in the eve! He we go! Let's see what these can do for this old guy's body! (measurements and BF will be taken tonight and posted with any thoughts tomorrow.)



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        Damn Man! This is awesome. By this time next month you better be over 300lbs.
        Not Everything. Not Yet.


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          LOL, I doubt there is a 120lb gain in my 41 year old body over a (I get the joke though!)

          Okay, just some quick thoughts this am.
          Here is what I have done:

          15mg of trenavar (had to separate the cap and basically just put an open cap in my mouth and save the other half for eve)
          I did the organ shiel
          Erase & 2 caps of saw palmetto

          I had 4 oz of chicken this am
          1/2 4 hour energy ( instead of coffee )
          Cup of green tea

          I started getting ready for Ply/P90X and I felt antsy. (that cant be right can it?)

          I mean it was an hour later and my knees were bouncing and I felt ready to shoot out of a gun. This is likely mental/placebo?

          Well, I started P90X Plyometrics about an hour after after eating, and my body quit before my energy did. I mean I got through the whole thing, and I pushed harder than I ever had.

          keep in mind, my legs are toast and I have a tweak in my back and right elbow (which is why I took off a few days and only did cardio for the week running up to this.
          My legs were so bad from the extra cardio that last night I could barely get up and down... so they were DEAD after the P90X this am... but I felt as though if my legs and body hadn't quit, I actually had the energy to do more... which I never feel after this.

          I was drenched... had small issue breathing for a bit as I was going too hard... but even now I am antsy.

          Cant wait to lift later after my day is done!

          Can this shit work that fast or am I placebo-ing? I feel a bit "coiled up" and like I want to go-go-go.

          Anyway... that is my morning... biceps & triceps later!

          For the record, I was told it would be 10 days before I started to "see" anything... but I didnt know if I would feel something already?
          I took Rockoid's advice and didnt keep pushing just cuz I felt I could, to avoid an injury.

          I have not read ANYBODY else's results on Trenavar, so I dont know what other people feel on it.... this is just my initial knee jerk reaction.

          My wife says I am talking fast as well. But I think it is cuz of the workout.
          More after my real workout tonight!


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            Could be a combination of things. A bit of excitement along with some simulation from the tren. Remember, androgens can elicit some antsy(ness)/excitability/aggressive energy.


            • #21
              That is what I felt up until about 6 hours later. Going to take my second dose now, have a small meal, then wait about 40 mins and hit the weights!


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                Okay, second dose of 15mg with all the fixins.... Still very antsy about 30-45 mins after. Only did 50mins today and only did Biceps. I am going to try to concentrate on just the one body part per day and rip.
                I only went

                3 warm up sets,

                Upped weight
                10 sets, regular curls with 2 dumbells, alternating, but doing the same amount for each arm 60 seconds between each set, and just

                1. 9X
                2. 9X
                3. 9X
                4. 8X
                5. 8X
                6. 6X
                7. 6X
                8. 5X
                9. 7X
                10. 4X

                Dropped weight for hammers just by 5 pounds tho
                5 sets
                1. 11X
                2. 11X
                3. 8X
                4. 9X
                5. 9X

                5 sets of preachers same weight as hammers.
                1. 7X
                2. 7X
                3. 7X
                4. 7X
                5. 6X

                My elbow started to hurt, so I stopped. I also had to step down in weight after the first 10 sets.

                I WILL be stepping this up... I felt like I could keep going, but elbow said to stop, so I did.

                I don't want to mention the weight I am using yet... cuz it's sad compared to ...well all of
                But I will at the end of the 6 weeks.

                I feel like I could go-go-go still. I am going to get a brace for the elbow tomorrow cuz I think I could have gone at least 10-10-10 if there wasnt any pain.

                I weighed in at 183 this am with a (get this) 21% BF... now I am no expert at taking this, but that is ugly!

                That mean I have 38.41 pounds of blubber on me. I am setting a goal of 3lbs of fat per week lost... not weight, as I hope my weight goes up... but fat lbs.
                Between the cardio & the supps, as well as building muscle, I hope the fat burns off easy.

                Okay, Triceps & Kempo tomorrow.

                PLEASE if anyone has a youtube link of about 5 different bicep variations, Triceps too, I would LOVE to see some variations so I can end up doing about 5-6 variations by the end of each.
                I have Chest, back, legs pretty good... but I cant ever seem to remember the variations of bi/tri.

                209 grams of protein today through shakes and meat... I will get into that another day, but I will be stepping that up to about 280-300 by the end of the weekend. Eating is the fucking hardest part for me.


                PS I still have bouncy legs... maybe I will hit the bike!


                • #23
                  Did the crappy Kempo for p90x today. Having taken a fair amount of martial arts, this is the hardest disc for me as it goes against everything I ever learned. I have to open my hands and think of it as aerobic and not a MA. When I do this, I get a marginal workout that does get me sweating and breathing. I will give it a couple of more runs before I decide if I am going to cut it and replace it with another day of Plyo, which gives me a great workout!

                  Took all my supps this am. Got about 7 1/2 hours last night... had some trouble falling asleep, so I will see how tonite goes, if it keeps up, I will add a sleeping aid (herbal). I dont feel like I got my recovery last night in sleep, so dragging a bit today. Hoping to balance this out a bit as I go and get into a good routine!

                  Will be doing Triceps later... my favorite exercises!


                  • #24


           (more effective with palms reversed).
           (alternately, can use parallel ez hammer bar)

                    Those are just a few examples.

                    However, try not to get too focused on torturing small muscle groups. Remember the basics of compound movements (deads, squats, military press, rows, etc).

                    Also, remember the body weight might not change too much at first as you begin burning slop and adding muscle (but the mirror with show results).


                    • #25
                      Thanks Rock!
                      I have my Epistane on the way!!!! Along with Kre-Alkalyn EFX.
                      I got more Trenavar Organ Shield & Erase as well as another bottle of Titanium XL as I didnt order enough for my PCT.

                      Can I just say... for how sore I am and the fact that I didnt get the whole amount of sleep last night, I feel pretty damn good.

                      I also heard that the Trenavar would be fealt a bit more by someone in their 40's due to test drop off... so that explains a couple of things. Doesnt mean it will work better, but could account for me not feeling so damned badly for being so

                      Of to eat some pork roast, black bean salad, and hit the weights!!!!!!


                      • #26
                        Did Triceps today... added some dopalean-gh and tonalin cla today to help with fat and lean muscle.

                        Somewhere in Day 2 here I have woken up! Feel frikin great. Very antsy, and did my Tric... cant do numbers now cuz I have to run, but the sets were:
                        3 warm up sets.
                        10 sets pull downs seat
                        5 sets pull downs standing
                        5 sets over the head standing
                        5 set skull crushers
                        3 sets standing pull downs

                        I feel like I could keep going, but my arms are dead! I FINALLY have figured out failure!!!!!! I have never pushed hard enough to "really" fail before. I always stopped when I thought I was failing. today I pushed through to failure and it is an awesome...almost addictive feeling... wanted to push through to it every damned set!

                        more tomorrow!


                        • #27
                          Still havent taken measurements... I suck I
                          I actually crashed for about 2.5 hours today as I was so tired... which is strange as I got about 9 hours sleep last night... guess that wasnt enough.
                          I am so sore I cant even describe... but not hurt... not yet anyway.

                          I am having an early dinner tonite as it is back night and that workout usually takes a while as I love it. Rows, pull downs, shrugs... plus about 5 other different lifts I like to do.
                          Okay, I am still tired, but moving on! (I think I am getting a sinus infection as I have some really weird smells in my nose,
                          I also have been having some strange dreams. Not sure what either is about, but both could be getting sick I guess and not the cycle.

                          But, I am going through it, so I thought I would share it.
                          A little more aggressive than usual, even just playing black-ops at night with friends. So, day 3, did my P90X, but only the Xstretch as I felt I needed it today.


                          • #28
                            Okay, took measurements and a couple of pictures yesterday. No sense posting them now, until I have a comparison... so they will be done again at the 2 week mark, then every 2 weeks after that... for 6 weeks I

                            Ok, did back yesterday. Traps & lats.
                            3 warm up sets
                            10 sets of pull downs seated
                            10 sets of rows
                            12 sets of trap lifts
                            5 sets shrugs
                            5 sets of dumbbell pulls (not sure the proper name, but done on your knees facing down, pulling the weight up towards your hip)

                            I did my P90X this am... "core"

                            I will be doing chest & shoulders today, then nothing but legs tomorrow.

                            A few things.
                            First, upon several recommendations I have upped myself to 40mg per day of the trenavar. 20mg in the am & 20 in the pm.

                            Just today I have noticed my aggravation level is hard to keep down. little things are setting me off, but I take a breath and realize that it means it must be working right?
                            My wife says I look like a zombie. Dark circles under my eyes and I look dead tired. I got 9 hours last night, and took a nap yesterday, but still. So tomorrow I am calling in and sleeping as long as I can. Going to take a nap if needed as well.
                            My wife says she can already see changes, especially in my gut that does not stick out so far... (the nerve of some people huh?
                            on a lark I did my BF again last night...3 times to be sure I saw what I saw. It said I lost just under 2lbs of fat, through the scale went up half a pound (more today)
                            I have gained a full pound in 3 days (today being the 4th day but I only weigh myself in the am.)

                            So aggression, antsy, great workouts for a first week, needing more sleep, less gut(lol), and almost 2lbs of fat gone while gaining 1lb in 3 days... seems this is all doing something.
                            Epistane arrives Monday along with my second shipment of trenavar, and Kre-Alkalyn... plus more organ shield, Erase Titanium etc.

                            I am so frikin sore. I have been pushing myself to go as far as I can before my body just quits... even when that happens, I feel like I can keep going, but the out of shape 41 year old body just wont respond. I am SO interested to see if this improves over the next couple of weeks... less sore & more ability to keep pushing out sets... not even worried about the amount of weight I am using yet... will start to focus on that more towards the end of week 3.

                            Well... that's it...OH. I am only up to 192-195 grams of protein... need to push it up a bit more! One or two more meals.


                            • #29
                              I can't help but think I am in the wrong I meant to do a log on Trenevar, and not so much a workout journal.

                              Today is day 7 and is the second day my weight has gone down instead of up. I was 183 even this am, down from 183.9 then 183.6.

                              My aggression is lower, and my muscle soreness isnt quite so bad since stepping up to the 40mg per day of Trenavar.

                              My Epistane gets here today, so once it is here, I will give the new run down of everything I am taking.

                              I will also state that there is a ton of work left to do, but I really like what I am seeing so far. I look closer to where I was at the end of my 2 year run & 6 months of Myo-T12 yesterday after just 6 days of Trenevar.

                              This says a lot.... some things I have noticed.
                              I am getting really hungry, which passes 4 bites into my meal, then comes back 30 mins after I finish

                              Tired a lot earlier in the evening

                              I am starting to get little pimples on my face... not bad, but I havent had this many small pimples since I was 17... so 24

                              My hair is drying out a bit, even though I am using the Nizoral every other day.

                              I also didnt want sex last night, which was prolly the first time in about 18 months... so that was strange, but happens time to time anyway, so we can put that in the "we'll see" category.

                              I dont have the drive to work out, but once I get through the warm up sets, then get about 3 more sets in... I feel like I can go forever... so it seems it is just a matter of getting going.

                              My elbow gave me issues again towards the end of curls last night, so it is bothering me this am too. I keep wondering what it will be like to be able to go as hard & strong as I want to, without my body giving out before my drive does... let's hope that comes in the next few weeks!

                              Wife likes what she is seeing so far!


                              • #30
                                The lethargy/tiredness could be a side effect of the tren and just plan ole over training. As mentioned in the other correspondence, try backing off some of the volume and see how you feel.

                                Also, don't be afraid of a good PWO supplement. To many to list, but a couple I've enjoyed...RPM by Applied Nutriceuticals, Jacked by USP Labs, NO Shotgun by VPX.

                                There are a ridiculous amount of choices on the market, but I've enjoyed the above mentioned ones.

                                Just something to kick around if you feel you need a bit more of a boost to get fired up for training.

                                About the hair: maybe try 2 on 2 off with the Nizoral. In addition, when applying the conditioner, let it sit for a minute or two before rinsing.