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First Prohormone Log - Dewman/Trenavar

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    Great log.

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      LOL, I still need to hose this thing down for former owner sweat!

      Treed, It was amazing how incorrectly this thing was assembled by the previous owner. No wonder he got frustrated and sold it. The squat rack wouldn't even work right for him... assembled correctly (now), it works perfectly!

      I will take better pictures today Rock... I was just trying to get the right area put together and squared away so that I could workout yesterday. I didnt have all the lights on, and the thing is so damned big it is hard to get it all in

      EVERYONE is welcome to workout here.... You can even play arcade games between sets!

      I hope to finish getting this together today in time for my workout this evening... though I may be starting to run a fever and may well be coming down with a sinus infection... we will see. Fitting that all this is happening as I wanted this last week to be a great work out

      Thank you Donny2600. I will be wrapping up Thursday or Friday with pics etc if I dont get real sick here. More to come! Just carried in 300lbs of plates!


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        Okay, here are the 3 different stations... first being the squat rack. It is set up, supposedly, so that you keep perfect form every time. (click on the pics)
        newgym002.jpg newgym003.jpgnewgym004.jpg

        I was able to start supersetting last night doing triceps... this allowed me to add two extra exercises to my routine.

        This is actually why I like these types of gyms... I can set up 2 different stations and do two different lifts back to back, then take a rest. I started with 70lbs triceps pull downs, and did 50lb triceps raises at the press area after making the bench more of a seat. I could have gone heavier on the raises, but it was my first time... I will tweak all the weights next time. I was able then to put the bench down and to closed grip presses on the bench, and a seated triceps pull down as well. Then skull crushers on the floor with free weights. While doing that, i was able to do deep calf raises on the squat machine

        I think that is what these are good for, being able to cut down on workout time, while doing more in that time.

        This is definitely a different range of motion though. It is going to take some time to get used to. What I can tell you is that the different range of motion is helping to keep muscle groups targeted. I didnt feel like I was using chest or shoulders nearly as much as I was on the nautilus machine & the cable exercises.

        Today is back, lats and traps. Going to do pull downs, seated rows, bent over vertical rows, inclined rows, shrugs, and a free weight raise for the traps too. I will be adding 2 new exercises/lifts... because I will be able to with this new machine!

        Tomorrow will be chest & shoulders, then the next day, instead of an off day, I will start doing real squats, take my off day on Friday this week.

        Still have some work to do so that everything is clean and I am able to walk around this thing easier... but it is on it's way!


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          Looks great! I almost bought one of those a few years back, but didn't have the room. Wish I had now . . .


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            Lifting alone sucks... but more than that, it limits what you can and cant do.
            So, if you are nowhere near a gym, like me, I need something that does close to everything, that I do not need a spotter on, is safe, and is free weight. A leverage system in my only choice.
            This was the one I liked the most... if I am going to do prohormones... then maybe try pinning in the spring... I need something that will actually give me the best chance of getting the most for results.

            If I can find the stuff I need... I may try pinning... but going back and forth on it now. Think I am going to go through my next run and make a
            (I am such a fraidy cat!


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              Fuck a b!

              I like that set up.


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                Hey Rock... it is a nice set up, thank you.
                I have lusted for this machine since the MyoT12 Chronicles

                I cant wait to try squats in 3 days!!! I am betting that back is going to be a fun day today as well. Back is usually my favorite day anyway, I am hoping this makes it even better. The days I do back end up being 90-120 mins of workout time... I want to see if I cut that time down while adding 4 new exercises/lifts. But if it goes long... it goes long. A little Foreigner & Boston on the Jukebox... I will be right as rain man!

                Wish I had this at the start of my last run!


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                  Well, last day of my Epistane and Trenavar. Sad for some reason.
                  Should be excited to start on my Ostanish though... we will see. Our scale died this week, so I put new batteries, and our weight went up by 2 lbs each with the new batteries.
                  Assuming this is not a fluke... it changes my numbers a bit. It also means my wife just lost 7.6 pounds in 9 days on the Ostanish. She upped her meals & calorie in take as well, and she will be doing weight training soon again (she claims)!!!!

                  I like when my wife hits the weights! I dont know why... I just do.

                  So tomorrow's weigh in will be my last for this run, & my first for my Ostanish log. Going to do squats tomorrow, but I think I am going to take 3-4 days off to get things squared away around here and to give my body a little recovery break. Give my elbow some rest as well. I may do some plyo just to keep things going. Then I will pick right back up with the weight training. Assuming my wife doesnt want to lift this coming week. If she does... I will only take the normal day or maybe 2 off and just do a deload week.

                  Some prelim numbers. Assuming my scale was 2 lbs off before the batteries died... I was 185.9 at the start of my log, today I am 181.4... the difference is that I was about 24% BF when I started and I am around 12% today.

                  This means my BF was at 44.61lbs when I started and it is 21.76 now... meaning I shed about 22.85lbs during all of this. Which is right around the 3lbs per week I was hoping for.
                  This would also mean I added 18.35lbs of muscle in all of this. Now, I am sure some of that must be water weight... but still really good as far as I am concerned.

                  Sounds a bit untrue, so I will take measurements again, do BF & weight again in the am just to quadruple check that.

                  I will be doing "after" pictures and body measurements as well.

                  I have one already though... my bicep was 14.25 inches when I started (well in week 1) and it was 15.25 this morning... give or take 1/8th inch.

                  So that is an inch+ on my arms alone.

                  Now, I had been in shape before, a couple of years ago (and it took several years of training to get there), so my body prolly remembers and was able to get back there fairly quick... but this is my very first run of anything.... so as we take the numbers here, I am really impressed.

                  I actually started workout & diet in January/February. and I was around 198lbs-ish. I didnt start the prohormones until I had gotten back in shape (somewhat) and had done a few months of exercising... just to be sure I was good to go and could hit the ground running. (also why my elbow, leg & back were already hurting when I started all of this!)

                  Today is chest & shoulders... then tomorrow is weigh in, pics & measurements

                  Going to contact you WW for the metrics on how to figure maintenance etc for my pct.

                  I will hold my thoughts until tomorrow... but I will say I am pretty impressed as it stands right now. Still a lot of work to do... but this is a great start!


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                    Excellent run!

                    Phenomenal slop loss and great muscle gain.


                    • LOL, lets see what the final numbers are first... but this did everything I wanted, and a little more... got me fiending for my Trenazone/Halo run on November 15th. The hardest part will be letting these things sit in the vintage keeper until November

                      You were dead on about this run Rock... I cant thank you enough!


                      • Your welcome. Very glad to hear it turned out well !

                        Sorry I didn't look over the grub more closely. I flat out missed the lack of complex carbs. Wood and treed pick up the slack though.


                        • Okay boys and girls.
                          Forgive the pictures as they are dark, and off angle... flashed out etc. I had to do these myself with a tripod and it isnt fun! They are here just for a difference.

                          My weight:
                          Week 1: 185.9lbs @ approx 24% BF
                          Week 7: 181.4ibs @ approx 12 % BF

                          22.85 pounds of fat lost, 18.35 lbs of muscle & water weight gained

                          (first number is week 1, second is week 7)

                          Chest:: 44" - 45"
                          Bicep: 14.25" - 15.25"
                          Forearm: 12.50" - 13.25"
                          Thigh: 23.125" - 24"
                          Waist: 38.75" - 35.50"
                          Belly: 40" - 36.50"
                          Calf: 14.75" - 15.25"
                          Shoulders: 49.25" - 50"

                          I think some of the measurements are from loss of fat vs muscle gain.

                          My thoughts on this:
                          As I understand it, Trenavar is considered a bit weak for a prohormone. Having never taken one before, I wanted to start easy.
                          This was the perfect choice. My most noticeable changes came between week 3 and week 5.

                          I would do this again in heartbeat. In fact i am moving on to 2 different other things to log. PCT with Ostanish, then a Trenazone/Halo run on Nov. 15th.
                          I will log both of these as well.

                          I was unable to do proper squats, and went into this with a really bad elbow.
                          My elbow is much better than it was at the start (strange), my back is fine, and my ankle was pretty bad. That said, I was not able to do a perfect run. Had I been able to do better lifting on a better gym (elbow), proper squats (ankle & equipment) and not had to go light out of the gate on my back... this may have been even better.

                          Last time around it took me 2 years to get to about 12% BF and to add 26+ lbs of muscle... clean. I got hurt a lot... so badly I had to stop lifting for over a year. (sciatica). So the fact that I got to the BF% and also added at least half the muscle in 7 weeks vs 2 years, is awesome! More to the fact that that I am several years older now too, and over 40... this is especially impressive.

                          Trenavar & Epistane (both I believe are by PHF or a subsidiary), worked, and worked well for me! I would recommend these for a first time run for anyone, especially if you have never done anything like this, and especially if you are over 35. As I understand, the older you are, the more these things help... also, the more results you get playing with the lower potency of these.

                          Sides werent bad, had some cramping/spasms, especially in the traps & lats. In my legs as I got towards the end too. These were lessened by adding carbs... but never went away completely.

                          I want to thank Rockoid especially for working with me since January on and off, and especially for answering all of my questions and giving me guidance picking out what i wanted and making sure I was protected (even though i went overboard). Any mistakes with diet or exercise was not because of him... it was because I went off and did things without asking. He always encouraged me to do things right, and when I deviated from this is when I found trouble!

                          Thanks to Treed and Woodwise for their advice and encouragement as well. Made the log fun to do!

                          I will answer any questions I can, though I am not expert in any way.

                          This gave me the edge I have been looking for since I turned 35 and things got a lot harder to do. I wish I had done this 7 years ago. It is so much easier to push forward when you see results.

                          My biggest pro on all of this... was being able to keep going. Not being plagued to the point of stoppage by injuries. Being young, there is hardly anything that can stop you... in the late 30's and early 40's, I found injury was doing me in. The fact that these prohormones helped me through my injuries, and that they even got better instead of worse was AWESOME!

                          The pics are a bit washed, but in person, I can almost see abs... another 2% of BF lost and I think they will be there. I believe I am 5lbs away from this happening... anyway, please be gentle... not hard putting up pics!
                          Thanks again for reading this everyone!... on to Ostanish & PCT!


                          • Fuck us!

                            Nice improvements. The arm/shoulder definition and lats (v-taper ) standout right away. The midsection tightened up nicely as well.


                            • Thanks Rock... I really had a much better time doing back this go of it. I never really liked working back, but it was my favorite... and longest... day this time around. I guess it shows. You cant really see it in these pics, but my traps are much more defined and larger now as well. I would have said that I didnt lose much over the nearly 2 years I took off for injuries... but I really did... Looking at the pictures now I can see I lost a lot. Got it back now, I am heavier at this BF% than I have ever been... let's see if the Ostanish helps me keep some of this and helps me to drop another 5lbs or so during PCT.

                              I will be happy to add another 10lbs of muscle in my next run with the Trenazone/Halo. I want to get to and stay at 9-10% BF... I have been here at 12% before... cant ever seem to get down to 10% though... hopefully these prohormones etc will help me get there this time around. It definitely got me the edge I have been looking for... and things are always easier to push further and try longer when you can visually see the results. I am actually between pant sizes right now... 32's & 34's depending.

                              That is awesome! Thanks again Rock... I am just thrilled with how this went... and it looks like I am going to be one of those guys who is addicted to


                              • can definitely tell the difference in the before and after!
                                good job.
                                stay on track and keep pushing yourself and you will just get better and better!
                                The nation which forgets its defenders will be itself forgotten